My First Post!

Today, I washed my hair (Scrub-a-dub!)

I have really long hair.


(OH MY GOD! How did one of my fitness modeling pics get in here!? How embarrassing!) Well anyways, I think you can see that my hair is indeed very long.

Washing my hair involves half the bottle of shampoo and conditioner, many little hairs lost (which I promptly stick on the shower wall), and about a whole day for my head to dry. For that reason, it SUCKS to wash it. I’ve gotta do it only once or twice per week.

Luckily, Buzzfeed (my main source of news) validates my feelings about this. Watch this video.

People always say to me “OMG, your hair doesn’t even look greasy!” Or “Your hair is so beautiful, what’s your trick?!”

Ladies. Take note. I swear, your lives will never be the same.


This is “No Drought,” a DRY shampoo by Lush Cosmetics. It’s the best because it is actually DRY! I was a believer in baby powder for a long time and trust me, this one kicks baby’s ass. You can buy it here. I load this stuff into my hair on days I don’t wash. I love it so much, that I have multiple bottles for different rooms of my house.

And, for my secret weapon….this.


I use super cheap $2 drug-store shampoo. For some reason, I have found that this stuff just works the best in keeps my hair grease-free in between washes.

Need help figuring out how to wear your hair when you’re 6 days out from your last wash? Look here.

Oh, and GOOD NEWS! If you’re thinking, “okay, I won’t wash my hair but I still HAVE to shower, I worked out today!” You’re wrong again! More wisdom from Buzzfeed here.

PS: I was supposed to wash my hair and post about it yesterday. BUT, I had kickball, and so I got busy. MORE GOOD NEWS–We got our FIRST win yesterday!

Tell me, what products do you like to use? How do you wear your hair when you’re days out from your last wash?


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