#TBT to that one time that we saw Nelly at the Bud Light House of Whatever in Phoenix during super bowl weekend. The House of Whatever is a whole different #TBT story in itself. If Bud Light were US Weekly, my friends would always be on the cover.


I’ve been a Nelly fan since before I was in high school. When his album, Country Grammar, came out, I was 13. It was pure gold and you know I had the censored version of that shiz which I listened to constantly on my Sony Discman.

I am a Nelly fan because I can really relate to his lyrics. Read on, and I think you’ll get what I mean.


“You (could) find me in Saint Louie.” (Not anymore, as I no longer live there.) See? You might be able to find the gateway arch in the background of this photo, circa 2012.


“OoooOOoOH I’m goin’ down down baby (my) street in a (Mazda 3)!” (Look, there’s Pearl, and some of my other homies).  This photo is from the tea party that I hosted–but that’s a whole different #TBT story in itself.

grill“Smile for me (Mollie), let me see your grill, your your your grill.” (See it out there, on our patio? Don’t we have a nice backyard? Also, you’ll see my grill through our window that USED to be broken, but isn’t anymore because my dad fixed it–remember?)


“Yo’ (Mollie) can we tickets to the next (dinner party)!?–Hell (yes!), you fo’ real!?” Pictured here is my vintage china (which I use when I feel like being fancy–which is almost always) and in the background you can see my antique (teal) china cabinet which is one of my favorite pieces in our home. I’ll tell you about THAT some other time!


“If you compare me to your local grocery then you’ll see (my garden’s) got more carrots than aisle D and more (onions) than aisle G.” LOOK! There’s my garden box that I told you about yesterday!


…and last but not least…”HEYYYYYY MUST BE THE MONEY (glasses.)”


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