Today, I washed my hair.

I did it again, you guys. Today, I washed my hair.


And then afterwards, I did something that I almost never do. I blew it dry.

It was my inaugural blow dry of 2015. Normally, I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet so that it dries while I get my beauty sleep! But today, I have a photo shoot (it’s super legit, cuz #model, and it is definitely not just Pearl and I messing around with her new camera.) So that’s why I did it.


Isn’t this an obligatory blogger photo?  Look! Here are my favorite hair products, on a bed of spectacularly green grass (my green grass, in my backyard!), pictured with my beautiful Kate Spade shoes! We have a really great landscaping company–but that’s a whole different topic.

I like to get my hair products from Beauty Brands. If you sign up for their emails, you’ll get coupons in your inbox, hear about all of their great sales, and occasionally, they give away free full-size products if you make a purchase.

Here we go, this is the process. When my hair is wet, I spray Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus onto my hands and massssssaaaagggge it into my roots. Buy it here! Then, I spray Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray all over. Buy that one here!

Next, I flip my head over and give it a quick blow all over using my dryer’s diffuser attachment. Then, I part off my hair with a clip and blow dry with this round brush, section by section, using my dryer’s concentrator attachment.


See? This is my model face.

Once each section is dry, I put a tiny drop of Biolage ExquisiteOil Softening Treatment in my palm, rubbbb hands together, and smooth onto my hair. Get it here.

And there you have it. A blow-out, fo’-free.


I don’t always blow dry my hair, but when I do, it looks really frickin’ awesome. (Look! The wind blew ever so lightly at the exact right second!)HypeGirlSignature

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