Spring is here.

Behold. It is time.

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This is the Easter candy aisle at Wal-mart. (#nofilter.)

When I turned into the aisle, my spiritual path was uncertain. Confused, alone, and feeling hungry for purpose in this life, I was amazed to see a faint glimmer of my guiding light before me, which lead me down a trail of righteousness. Finally, salvation.

IMG_4665It was my Reese’s egg.

Here at last. God Almighty, it is here at last.

As I picked it up, I was humbled and I knew I would never have to be alone again. I had 880 calories of pure unconditional love filling a hole in my heart. The most important and nurturing relationship I have is my relationship with my Reese’s egg.

The divine peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio, in all it’s glory:




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