#TBT (Hypedog’s edition)

One time I went to Firestone for an oil change and I came home with a dog.

While waiting for my car to be done at the shop, I just strolled along the strip mall killing time. It was a very good strip mall—there’s a TJ Maxx (A really good TJ Maxx), a Sprouts grocery store, and obviously, a Petsmart! We wandered into the Petsmart, which houses some adoptable dogs from our county’s animal control. When we arrived, there were several small dogs inside a larger kennel. My eyes immediately fell on the smallest doggy in the bunch. I gasped and screamed, “BAMBI!” Here she is, all 4.3 pounds of her, the exact moment I laid eyes on her.


(Doesn’t she look like a little newborn baby? All wrinkly and pale? AwwwWWw!)

We took her into the little “bonding” rooms and she was shaking and alone in this world. I picked her up and said “We’re done here. Let’s go!”


Adam, of course, rolled his eyes, groaned, and said, “Really, Mollie!? I told you I wanted a big dog.” (This is really ironic now, of course, but that’s a whole different topic for a different post.)

Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about Bambi:

1)      She cost $20. You know I love a good bargain.

2)      She’s had puppies (the vet said so. I search the streets high and low every day for said puppies)

3)      Sometimes she doesn’t even look like a dog!

Here: she looks like a deer (Duh that’s what she’s named after.)


Below, she looks like a goose.


Below, she looks like a seal.


Here, she looks like a dinosaur (rawrrrr).


Here, she looks like an old man:


Ohp. Wait, no, that’s my dad. Whoopsies!

4)      She’s very fashionable and gets excited to wear her couture.


5)      She likes to put her tongue in your food when you’re not looking (that sneaky biotch)


Yay! Now you’ve met the hypedog!


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