Decorate your space!

One of my favorite parts about being a homeowner is decorating (on a budget!) It is so thrilling to me to scout out great pieces at bargain prices.

This is my dining room—it is FULL of some of my favorite finds! OH LOOK! And there’s me, Susie Homemaker!

FullSizeRender (8)

China cabinet: SQUEEEEAL! I got this from a large vintage yard sale here in Arizona—The Big Heap ($400 with delivery!) This is my favorite piece in my house. I bought it like this, restored and painted teal and white. Long story short: I went to this Big Heap sale on a Saturday and fell in love with it. Texted Adam photo. He said no more teal. I sent back a sad face emoji. Couldn’t stop thinking of it all day. Went back Sunday. Praises to the heavens—it was still there. Bought, delivered, stocked with vintage China. LOVE.

Chandelier: Even though it looks old, it is new from Lowe’s ($150)! Buy it here! We also bought the burlap-like shade covers from Lowe’s here.

Dining table: Craigslist Saint Louis ($375 with delivery!) BE CAREFUL with Craigslist. DON’T GET MURDERED. This antique table is a cross country table! It has been in Missouri, California, and Arizona—and that’s just what I know of! The person I bought it from had restored it, painted it in white, and recovered the seats in this pretty fabric below.

FullSizeRender (9)

Now. Let’s talk about what’s ON the table. The table cloth & table linens were a gift from my wedding registry (thanks again, Pat Clam!) They are by Kate Spade New York and you can get the table linens yourself from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, here. The china is a vintage set, found almost entirely at Goodwill. I started collecting these for Pearl’s tea party back in November and it spiraled out of control. With the help of, my mom & I were able to complete my set—I now have a 8 dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups & saucers as well as the coffee pot and the creamer & sugar bowl ALL for under about $150. HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT BRAND NEW CHINA GOES FOR? Over $125 PER place setting. Do the math, that’s over $1000 for a set of 8. The gold chargers are from Goodwill as well–$1 each! Don’t know what a charger is? It’s a decorative plate that holds the dinner plate. Mine are a heavy ceramic material and it says “made in Italy,” on the back so I don’t know how much they were originally sold for, but I’m guessing big bucks! The vase on the table is also from Goodwill (One of my more pricey finds–$20.) It was handmade by someone—their initials and the year 1974 are inscribed into the bottom. HOW COOL IS THAT!?


Bookshelves: Hand me down—thanks Ashley & Ken (my future sister & brother in law). If you have bookshelves, try “color-blocking” your books together for a more styled look. I got this idea from my sister, Kate! Those burlap letters on the top of the bookshelves are from Hobby Lobby. I think they add such a cute personalized touch. Hobby Lobby has a ton of monogram items!

Decorating is obviously a process! I’ve heard others say they worry about getting all pieces from different stores/sales to “match” or go together. One of the best tips I’ve received about decorating (shout out to Patei) is that if you are consistent with your style, everything will go together. So I never worry about picking old or new things from different places and whether or not it will “go” with what I already have!

Here are the upcoming sales/markets I’m planning on going to. Let me know if you want to come with!

Super Saturdays at Goodwill: I’m always popping in and out of my neighborhood Goodwill store—every other Saturday, everything is 50% off. Check the website of your local store for their Super Saturday schedule.  We have a “special” Goodwill in our neighborhood because it is a “Re-design” store—meaning it just has housewares and furniture—no clothes, shoes, etc. I frequent this one quite a bit!

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market: May 2, 2015 (Scottsdale)

The Big Heap Vintage, Antique, and Handmade Design Festival: November 20-22, 2015 (Scottsdale)

Hope to see you there!


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