Eva, You are My Worst Nightmare!


Eva Mendes sent out a message to womankind a few days ago–and it was my worst nightmare! (Normally, I only take advice from Giuliana and Angelina…but this one I heard LOUD & CLEAR!)

In case you missed it, you can catch up on the buzz here.

Yep. She named sweatpants as the number one cause of divorce in America. This was truly shocking, as a woman who is a trophy wife to-be and also a woman who whole heartedly believes in the healing powers of sweatpants.

Let me digress–you should know by now that I my work costume is a blueberry suit (Remember? You can look at it here.) Anyway, my work costume is sorta like pajamas. Normally, when I get home from work, I can’t wait to get out of my jammie-like work costume into something EVEN MORE comfy and baggy. My favorite pair of sweatpants.

I found the sweatpants in an old pile of clothes that Adam had at his mom’s house several years ago AND SHE WAS GOING TO GIVE THEM AWAY. You know I rescued them (I am a rescuer, after all), and they’ve pretty much been apart of me ever since.

So, Eva, maybe you’re on to something. If I start to be more like Eva, maybe Adam will start to look more like Ryan Gosling?


See? Adam says he loves my sweatpants because he wants me to be comfortable.

But still, I just had to experiment and I put the sweatpants in the drawer for the time being. (Actually you guys, that is a lie. I’m being forced to live without my sweatpants at this time. I accidentally left them at my parents house in Chicago when I was there for my bridal shower.)


See? Here they are on the floor at my parent’s house. Also pictured–my favorite pair of butterfly boxers that I typically wear underneath my sweatpants!



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