TBT: April Fool’s Day

I think somebunny was up to somespring sneaky yesterday.

Ok–so yesterday, for my April Fool’s prank, I PEEP’d everywhere.

Andddd a surgery that I was scheduled for at the hospital got rescheduled for later in the day, so I left work for a few hours which allowed me to peep on literally everyone while they were at work! (Get in loser, we’re going peeping.)


First, I peep’d on Adam in the shower. That sounds creepy.

Later, he told me he didn’t want it to get wet, so he ate it.

IMG_5230 IMG_5229

I also peep’d on his car and his crock pot.


Next, I peep’d on Bambi.

IMG_5233 IMG_5234

I peep’d all over BODI in the early morning hours.

IMG_5246 IMG_5247 IMG_5245

I peep’d all over Adrienne, Kelly, Stacey, and Diana’s cars.


I peep’d at Courtney’s work.

IMG_5238 IMG_5258

I peep’d on Pearl‘s  door and on her staircase.


I peep’d at BODI, again.


I peep’d at Jen & Laura’s house and all over Bailey’s doorstep (although she’s lucky I didn’t peep IN HER HOUSE–I know where she hides her spare key.)


I peep’d on my colleague’s (and former professor’s) desk. (#earnerd #unilateral)


Heck, I even peep’d on my boss’s keyboard.


Lastly, I peep’d on myself so that people wouldn’t know it was me!!! Because who would peep themselves, right?!!


Let it be known that I actually prefer the textural properties of the chick peep for eating, but opted for the aesthetics of the bunny peep for peeping purposes.

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