I Have So Many Little Eggs in My Life.

I have so many little eggs in my life. Especially since Easter candy is on clearance right now. I’ve got Reese’s eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, regular eggs, and the list goes on.

The newest beauty product I’m using is this little egg seen below.


This. This is the Beauty Blender.

It is a makeup applicator sponge. But not any little sponge (sponge is a really fun word to say.) Hurry up and buy it now, here.

This is why it’s special:

  1. It’s non-disposable. Yep. You do not throw it away, unlike the triangle sponges you get at the drugstore. You can also get a cleaning solution with it that keeps it clean and smelling nice, here. I am soooo considerate of the earth.
  2. If you follow the directions, it’s supposed to absorb as little product as possible, saving you money!
  3. Since it is edgeless, it allows for streak-free and even application.

(Right now I’ll take a moment to shout out to my future mother-in-law, Marylinn, who HOOKS ME UP with a whole bunch of goodies from Sephora every Christmas. The Beauty Blender, as well as the cleaning solution, and many other awesome items, were part of my gift this year. Thanks, Marylinn!)

Still not convinced that you need this? Read on. I’m about to give you testimonial evidence. Yesterday, I did my makeup in the morning using the Beauty Blender.

1) At BODI last night, and Laura told me that my skin looked flawlessregina

I told her to shut the f*ck up. And then I told her to tell me more.

2) Also at BODI, Nikki (the Queen Bee) told me that I looked pretty. Twice.regina2

3) When my sister, Kate, was in town for my bachelorette party, I discovered that she uses the exact same thing. And pretty much everyone wants to be like her.  So there.

Also, I discovered that Kate and I use the same exact makeup, which is this by the way….(except we use different shades–because I have more olive and naturally tan skin than she does.) This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. One time, I showed up in Chicago to play with her, and we were wearing the exact same nail polish color. YAY!


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