TBT: Soul Cycle

My girlfriends and i are headed to LOS angeles this weekend for the Nike Women N+TC Tour.

Basically we are going to do so much cool stuff, I’m certain I’ll blog about this trip until the end of time.

(Sor is short for sorry–I would say that all the time as a child when i wasn’t really sorry for something.) Oh, I guess I still say it now.

The Nike event is on Saturday evening and will no doubt be huge–it is taking place at the convention center where there will be hours of showcased workouts, Nike gear that is hot off the press, and even trendy local food! Unfortunately, Kate will not be there and we are sad.

ALSO. This is happening for Bailey, Pearl & me on Sunday.


This will be my second ride at Soul. And I am PuMpEd up. Because from what I can remember, it was pretty much like witchcraft.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I give you the details of my last trip to L.A. and very first time at SOULCYCLE….

It was October of 2013 and I was living in Orange County, CA. (See, I already know how to be a #CaliforniaGirl.) Kate was visiting and we were up to our usual shenanigans.

She had decided that she needed to go to SOULCYCLE while in California. So she made our bike reservations weeks before (because you have to do so when you go to SOULCYCLE). We woke up on this Saturday morning and prepared for a day trip to L.A. which would include a Soul ride, shopping, lunch, and beaching.

In true Hiipakka fashion, we left SUPER early because we were excited and in total party mode.

Listen carefully, now.

(Party mode is a state of being embedded in Hiipakka DNA, but made popular by Sandy Hiipakka. Party mode is characterized by off-the-charts excitement, fervour, and involuntary twitching. These attributes then create impulsivity, delusions of grandeur, sudden movements, and possibly even memory blackouts on the part of the party mode experiencer. Party mode typically happens before a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving; however, we were in party mode on this certain day because we were happy to be together and to be going to L.A.)

“This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate….” -Charles Dickens (Look at me! I’m quoting literary masterpieces!!)

Since Kate cannot drive appropriately (ahem–Michigan left turns) nor can she really navigate (that one time she told me that we had arrived at Starbucks while we were passing Starbucks), I had to do both on this trip. As usual, I entered SOULCYCLE Hollywood into Siri. (Because when has Siri ever led anyone astray?) And just like that, we were on our merry way.

We had a lovely car ride, jamming to the latest hits on the radio and being #CaliforniaGirls. We even had a celebrity sighting (the first of the weekend) when we stopped for coffee. Our trip was off to a great start.

We arrived and were a whole hour early for class. We even checked out the studio and said hello to the front desk ladies. (Did we check in at this point? No, we did not. Remember, party mode? We were in too much of a hurry to check out the nearby bistros for a juice and post up for more celebrity sightings.)

So. We were just sitting there, at a café, drinking coffee and being stalkers, as well as commenting on how good our booties were gonna look after our ride.  We finally decided to head in for class about 15 minutes prior to start. What we discovered there was truly shocking and appalling.

We were not on the class list.

Kate had made Bike reservations at the Santa Monica location. Apparently, there are SOULCYCLEs all over Western LA, and we were at the wrong one. The class that we were signed up for began in 15 minutes and was 14 miles away.

In the words of Nelly, “can we make it? Damn right! we’ll be on the next flight–first bike, paying cash, ridin’ next to Vanna White.”

Now. I wasn’t a stranger to California traffic. 14 miles in 15 minutes? Dream on, right!? But remember–we were in party mode. So we went for it. Because we do not give up.

And so as it does, time passes, and we arrived at the Santa Monica Studio as the class we were supposed to be in was ending.

Long story short, we made reservations at yet ANOTHER studio, SOULCYCLE Beverly Hills, for a class that was like two hours in the future. Just like we do, we arrived in plenty of time, MADE FOR DAMN SURE WE WERE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, and had the fanciest Beverly Hills brunch where we ate the most delicious quiche either of us had ever tasted at Bouchon Bistro.

FullSizeRender (66)

And we made it. The third time was the charm. Look at those #CaliforniaGirls.

FullSizeRender (65)

Since most of our day was consumed with soul cycling, we scrapped the rest of the plans and ended up at a bar. See!? Bathroom selfie!

I’m hoping to have better luck with my soul cycling this time. Stay tuned!


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