Road Trip!!

Hai!! HypeGirl here, blogging from the road! We are headed to LA for the Nike Women tour. (Catch up on the details by reading yesterday’s post.) 

Me, Pearl, Bailey, and Jennifer Mendoza (we have two Jennifers in our  posse, so this particular one goes by Jen-Men) arrived at my house at 5am this morning! (Well Pearl was a little late, because she was in #partymode so she just had a little trouble getting herself together in a timely manner.) 

The rest of the crew departs later today as well as tomorrow morning.

We hit the road when it was still dark out, and by the time you read this, we will be well on our way to the City of Angels.

So, Pearl and I are in her car and Bailey and Jen-Men are closely behind. Richie (Pearl’s dog) is with us too–seat belted in the back.



Today, I wanted to share with you some of our road trip essentials. 

First, you must grab your super fun and pretty friends who are wearing #CaliforniaGirl outfits.

Here are the gals at our first rest stop. 

Second, you must live tweet your experience. Follow along on Twitter people! (@hypegirlherself, duh.)

Third, you must have a killer California-themed playlist, complete with songs like “California Gurls,” by Katy Perry, “California Love,” by TuPac, and “Hotel California” by the Eagles. We’re gonna seriously jam the whole way there, singin’, “Californiaaaaaa, here we coooome,” by Phantom Planet.

By the time we arrive, we’ll be feelin’ so fine, fresh, and fierce with our bikinis on top. Boys will break their necks trying to sneak a peek at us. We will also be so educated about the streets of LA that should we get lost in Compton, we’ll know how to keep it rockin’.

Fourth, you’ll need a healthy and delicious picnic lunch to eat when you find a totally Instagram worthy picnicking spot. Also, you’ll need to pack said lunch in mason jars.

Last night, I made chicken and tuna salad with homemade mayo. We’ll eat this with crackers, gluten free brown rice crackers, and jicama.


I also made fruit salad, and I cut the fruit into animal shapes! See?! 


Look at that melon bunny and ducky! I got these fun cookie cutters from Amazon. Note: if you want to cut your fruit into piggies and owls, it’s gonna take you a long time. Add this to my list of things I’ve done for aesthetic effect that are a super good usage of time. See also: the butter rosettes from the tea party.

I’ll serve the fruit salad with a minted yogurt dipping sauce–the mint came from my garden!



I also have iced coffees and green juices so that we can feel spunky with a healthy #CaliforniaGirl glow.

And there you have it! The makings of a fabulous babe road trip!

Stay tuned!

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