Bye, Hernia!

Ok. So. I went to the general surgeon yesterday!!!


Waiting room selfie!

It is indeed an umbilical hernia. THAT I’VE PROBABLY HAD SINCE BIRTH. Since I myself am a doctor, I can tell you about what happened. 

During gestation, the umbilical cord attaches from mother to baby through a little hole in the baby’s abdominal muscle. In some people (me) that little hole remains through adulthood.  This hole is apparently the size of the tip of a pen. That’s little.

At some point during my wedding weekend, a very small piece of FAT that lines my organs made it’s way through that hole. (I guess my wedding diet wasn’t as successful as i thought.)

My photographer, Anna Marisol, and I, have decided that this is the exact moment that my hernia happened:

FullSizeRender (10)

Celebrating is apparently super strenuous. 

In many cases, what makes a hernia dangerous is that a piece of the intestine pokes through the muscle, causing the intestine to become pinched, or strangulated. That’s the part that requires surgery to fix.

Because my awesome intestines are still in place, I don’t have to have surgery! Yippeeee!! I could have surgery; however, the recovery would take me out of my daily activities for 3-4 weeks. Without surgery, I’ll start to feel better within 10 days. The doc said that the small piece of fat that came through the muscle will soon die and I will no longer feel any pain.


So for me, back to work and back to real life on TUESDAY!

Great news–because I have some SUPER awesome stuff coming up in June, so keep coming back my friends!


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