National Donut Day!

It's that time again. The first Friday in June is:



For us, we’re going to celebrate our second annual Donut Shop Hop!

Last year, we celebrated the first annual Donut Shop Hop in Scottsdale. We hit up Bosa Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Dunkin Donuts (and I hit up the cafeteria at the hospital I work at as well.)

Nationwide, Krispy Kreme will give out one free donut per customer! Dunkin Donuts will make you buy a drink first. Make sure to check out your local donut shops for any freebies as well!

This year, we’re going to be in Boise, Idaho for the wedding of Lindsey & Kelly Van Cleave (pictured below–aren’t they a beautiful couple!? Happy wedding weekend, you lovebirds!)

View More:

Here is our plan of attack on donut shops in Boise:

Idahoans, do you have any other recommendations that are a MUST on this year’s Donut Shop Hop??


PS: I’m worried about the fact that I’m losing steam here, in my old age. On NDD 2013, I ate 15+ donuts–lost count. NDD 2014, I think I only ate about 9 or so. I’m already having bad feelings about my abilities this year, seeing as we will not be in our natural donuting habitat. WISH ME LUCK!

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