Mark your calendars, people!

We’re all gonna get crafty with Pearl on June 28th!

Wait…OMG. You should DEFINITELY know who Pearl is by now. If you don’t, I’m going to strip you of your titles and send you to the Night’s Watch. (Sorry, I’ve been binging on Game of Thrones.)

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Pearl is my beautiful friend! DUH! (I only have beautiful friends…) Our guest room at the house is called “Pearl’s room.” She is the fur-mother to Bambi’s boyfriend Richie. She is also the photographer behind the camera for many of the photos that appear in this blog! On top of all of that, Pearl is a glue-gun wielding, tulle-puff puffing, spray-paintin’ craft queen.

Ok okay—find out more about Pearl’s crafts by visiting her website here—and then sign up for her workshop! You can also check out a bunch of her crafty creations on her instagram: @pearlybird.

GREAT NEWS! She’s hosting a “crafternoon” where she will teach a group how to make one of her special handmade items! WAIT—there’s tea, too! You know I love a good tea party


  • $30 (If you sign up as an early bird to craft with Pearly bird.)
  • June 28th, 2015 (Sunday)
  • 1:00 P.M. (P.M. = Piñata-making time)
  • DeSoto Central Market
    • 915 N Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85004


Piñatas. Not any piñatas, though. EMOJI PINATAS! (Say piñata one more time. Piñata.)



BRING: Only yourself, your creativity, and a super great attitude! Pearl provides the supplies!

So just do it. Now! Join me and sign up here!

That Pearl, how does she do it!?


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