Weeknight Wine & Cheese

When you’ve been traveling (because wedding season) and you’ve been sick, it’s hard to keep up with your friends.

But when you’re back in town and you’re feeling better, you have all your babes over for wine and cheese!

…And because I have to tell you people how to do just about everything, I’m gonna tell you how to throw a great weekday wine and cheese party!

FullSizeRender (16)

To start, you’ll need a variety of crackers.

FullSizeRender (19)

I also thinly sliced some green apples to serve as cheese-to-mouth vehicles, for those trying to keep it low carb.

I grabbed two different kinds of fresh grapes.

FullSizeRender (18)

Oh my goodness, those grapes look beautiful on that Sava glass platter from Crate & Barrel! Wasn’t I just talking about that last week!? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: presentation is just about the whole kit and caboodle. Even the prettiest pastry isn’t pretty without placing it on a pretty presentable platter, right!? 

Next, you’ll need a selection of cheeses–think some soft and creamy as well as hard and crumbly. We had camembert, marinated mozzarella, fontina, gouda, and a Vermont white cheddar.

To top it all off, you’ll need some other little things. Kalamata olives, fig jam (a must-have–normally by the cheeses at your grocery store), and roasted red peppers were the perfect finishing touches.

FullSizeRender (15)

Oh. And don’t even try to have a wine and cheese night without a slate cheese board. Mine is pictured here, along with my set of cheese tools. (Both from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Buy them here and here.) I got them as a gift as part of our wedding registry!

And finally, here was our entire spread. This is before we attacked and literally ate all the cheese in the Phoenix Metro area.

FullSizeRender (10)

We had just so much fun catching up, noshing, and nibbling!

FullSizeRender (14)

Here is the HypeGirl special. A thin slice of green apple, topped with camembert cheese and some fig jam. So delicious!

FullSizeRender (13)

Pictured here is a glass of Rosé champagne with a cute little wine charm. These are the ones I have here, given to me by my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift several years back. (Wine charms help you identify which glass is yours–Any good hostess has cute wine charms.) My friend, Jackie Coop, can be faintly seen in the background here, behind my champagne glass.


Yes. You see, Jackie Coop is the *hottest* and most eligible bachelorette in Scottsdale right now. Literally every boy wants her. She already has men lining up a mile long to get a glimpse of her, let alone date her. Last weekend, a man approached Adrienne (who is super hot in her own right–she’s an Emma Stone look-a-like) and said “Hey! you’re pretty, but I really want to date your friend Jackie Coop.” So yea, like I said, one does not *simply* post photos of Jackie Coop.


One thought on “Weeknight Wine & Cheese

  1. Karah says:

    I’m sad I missed out on this wine and cheese party but glad you provided a glimpse of J. Coop…oh wait. I live with her.


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