Lunchtime Tricks!

Packing my lunch for work every day is one easy thing that helps me save money and eat healthy.

I wanted to share one of my tricks with you—gosh I just give away so many secrets to being awesome on this blog. (Ugh, you’re welcome.)

Okay so. Remember this RECIPE?


Lemon, chicken, and kale “noodle” soup!

Well it’s just about one of my favorite things to eat. Yes. I eat soup. In the summer. In Phoenix (it’s 115 degrees right now….) The AC just blasts in the summer here! So much so that it is positively arctic anywhere indoors. I literally sit in my igloo–oops, I mean office–and shiver! So yes, soup in the summer!

Anyways, last Sunday, I made TWO batches of my favorite crock pot chicken-lemon soup!

You’re about to get a little lesson in maths.

One previously single female + one previously single male + cohabitating = two crockpots.

When you make two batches at once, you only have to make one grocery store trip, you only dirty your kitchen and knives once, and you only have to clean said kitchen and knives once = double the food for half the work!

When the soup is done, I bottle it up in mason jars.

Two batches of this soup = enough to fill TWELVE mason jars = lunch for TWELVE days.

I keep a couple in the fridge fresh for the next day or two and I put the rest in the freezer. Come Monday, I take a whole bunch of those jars to work and store them there.

See!? Here are my little jars in the freezer at work!

FullSizeRender (46)

Frosty, frosty.

If I ever need a lunch at work, I just take one of these jars out of the freezer when I arrive in the morning and set it on my desk to thaw. Come lunchtime, I just pop it in the microwave and have a hot, healthy, and delicious lunch!


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