Father’s Day Poem


Just like everyone else, I have a mom and a dad.

When they found out about me they said, “Oops, our bad!”

It’s true, I did not simply just appear on this earth;

It was a wonderful day, the day of my birth.

When they saw me, they thought, “Hey, she seems great!”

(Duh, I was an even better and younger version of Kate.)

Now my mom, she is indeed pretty neat,

but today is about my dad, a guy that just can’t be beat.

He taught me a lot, a bunch in those first years.

And he kept me safe and chased away my fears.

When I got bigger, he taught me to swim and play ball,

And he always cheered me on–winter, spring, and fall.

When it was time to bring his little girl to college,

He knew it was time to let her go to gain some knowledge.

And even then life brought us thousands of miles away,

But I still think of my dad (and mom, okay, and I guess Kate) every single day.

And then when I met the man I would marry,

Adam said, “Can I wed your daughter please, Larry?”

And dad said, “Yes, you shall wed and it will be grand,

“I’ll give you the finest wedding in all of the land!”

And it was. It was a magical night,

The scenery, the flowers, and the bride were quite a sight!

Now since my dad is so smart and handy,

I’ll keep talking about him instead of Sandy.

He’s built me a closet and even a garden,

When fixing our window, he said, “Why won’t this harden?”

So thank you, Dad, thank you a million times plus one!

You’ve been the best father, you’re just second to none!!!!!!!!



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