Today is a GREAT day.

Today is a very important day!

Three very, very special people in my life were born on THIS day!

Sidenote: I heard that the U.S. branch of currency or something was looking for a woman who is pretty, fun, successful and populaR enough to be the first woman on any U.S. Currency.


LOOK NO FURTHER, money peeps! (You’re welcome….) In honor of today’s special birthdays, I nominate the following for the ten dollar bill:


Okay so remember that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie finds herself broke and has to take the bus to meet her girlfriends for brunch? Well the bus that happens to pull to the stop has her advertisement on the side of it.


The fellow bus riders ask her, “Why are you riding the bus if you’re ON it?”

 Untitled 2

Ok, so I can just picture it now–Bailey walks into Taco Bell, orders a crunch wrap, a quesorito, a cheesy gordita crunch, cinnamon twists, and a Bud Light (in Bud, she trusts.) She hands over the ten dollar bill that she’s ON. Guadalupe (behind the register) looks at her and says, “Why are you eating HERE if you’re ON the ten dollar bill????”

Bailey walks into El Hefe, orders a beergarita (or a Bud Light). She hands over a ten (just pretend, okay? I know that in real life $10 isn’t enough for a beergarita.) The bartender goes, “OH, you must be a VIP!? ALL of the beergaritas and inflatable zebras in the house are now yours forever!!”

Bailey walks into Safeway and grabs some taquitos, chicken tenders, and a pizza….



I nominate Court for the ten dollar bill because she is pretty much an enigma. She gives zero ****s (seriously, my nieces read this blog, okay?) and sometimes she makes very little sense. Courtney dances like no one is watching (we aren’t watching, but we are taking photos), sings like no one is listening, and goes about her life like no one is waiting for her (she was supposed to be out bar-hopping last Saturday at 1pm. Once 4 o’clock rolled around, I showed up at her apartment to scoop her and what was she doing? Curling her hair strand by strand and blasting 90’s songs. Remember Blaque? Well Courtney certainly does.)

The next day (Sunday), a few of us decided to get together for hangover brunch. No joke–Courtney showed up in a prom dress and glass slippers. When asked about her attire, she explained that she has to “run errands today.” Literally, IDK.



Okay. So Uncle Frank is NOT a woman. But he is excellent at decorating, accessorizing, entertaining, and officiating weddings. He’s also really good at pilates and he is FABULOUS so I nominate him anyway.

Dear USA department of money. Bailey, Courtney, Uncle Frank on the 10 dollar bill. It is so ordered.


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