Naked Flowers!

Okay, so. Two of my girlfriends had birthdays yesterday–scroll down if you missed it, okay?

Now, when you have a lot of friends (I can’t help that I’m so popular), you can’t afford to buy each and every one of them a pair of really expensive White Gold Hoops for HANUKKAH.
So, in order to make them feel special, I put together a small but very beautiful gift for two very beautiful girls!

Naturally, I headed over to Pearl’s blog (find it here) for some inspiration–I knew I could find an idea for something super duper nice but yet easy and do-it-yourselfy.

I was right.

One time, Pearl gave me these flowers below (I think I had her over for dinner that night, or something.) She called them naked flowers in her blog.

rose2 rose1

Naked flowers. It just means cutting the leaves off so that the stems fit nicely in the vase and also gives the flowers a very clean and uniform look. Right!?

So I decided that I would give Courtney and Bailey a bouquet of naked flowers (not to be confused with naked showers, although I’m sure both of them would have LOVED that…)

So. I LOVE hydrangeas. I think they are super classic looking. Madonna disagrees though (she loathes hydrangeas, remember?)

Following Pearl’s advice, I cut the leaves off and arranged four stems of hydrangeas in a lovely vase, finished off with a pretty white ribbon! I mean, it almost looks professional! (Add floral arranging to the list of things I’m good at…)


Look how nice they look on my coffee table! I should’ve kept one for myself!

FullSizeRender (28)

Beautiful, right!? So fetch.

Enjoy your naked flowers!


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