Routine Reboot

Okay. It is time.

Flashback two months: Our wedding. It was awesome. And the wedding diet worked.
In the weeks leading up to our big day, I went gluten free, dairy free, added sugar free. I also worked out at least every day, if not twice per day. The best part: I felt great.

The day after our wedding: HELLooooOOOO hernia. If you don’t remember, read about it here and here. I was in pain and could participate in absolutely no physical activity for about two weeks. Okay, no big deal.

TWO WEEKS LATER (At my first workout post-hernia): Ouch, my foot hurts.

I was in utter denial that I had yet another injury preventing me from returning to my normal routine. Therefore, I ran around on a stress fracture for three weeks before seeing a podiatrist.


Had I listened to my body and just gone to the doctor right as I felt the pain, I could have healed faster and gotten the process started right away. My denial only prolonged my absence from activity and probably even worsened my condition. Lesson learned.

Bring on the boot. For four weeks.

Okay flash forward–present day.

I’ve been a sangria drinkin’, peanut butter cookie eatin’, late sleepin’, and early weekendin’ kinda gal who has thrown all previous habits and rules out the window of her pretty room. Adam and Bambi have been next to me on the couch as well. PROBLEM: We’ve turned into sloths. JK. My sister, Kate’s, wedding is goin down in like 20-something days and I already have this adorable kate spade new york dress that I must slip into perfectly. I mean, I’ve had it for months. Months.

kate spade

PROBLEM: Above it all, I’m a flip-flopper.

And I’m sick and tired of the flip flop. What I mean is that when I’m being super good, I’m super good about my routine. But when I’m not, all the donut shops in town put chains on their doors and windows.

SOLUTION: It’s time for a routine reboot.

ANOTHER PROBLEM: I say this every Monday. SOLUTION: Blog about it, so there’s no turning back. I have to follow through.

And there ya have it.

In the next few weeks, I have several events that I don’t want to restrict myself for, including a friend’s birthday, MY BIRTHDAY, and a bachelorette party! So, I’m going to set a few goals to stick to for the next 21 days. Hopefully these few goals will keep me active and making healthy choices all around! Here they are.

1) 2 gallons of water per day. Drinking lots of water comes with a ton of health benefits–do I even need to explain this to you? Hydration is key and lots of water flushes “toxins” out of your body. It also helps you feel full which means losing fat. YAY.

2) I’m back to the gym after my hernia and stress fracture, so I’m gonna hit it six days per week. Endorphins!

3) I’m waking up early. For me, waking up and accomplishing a few things before work puts me in a better mood. In the mornings, I’ll either hit the gym or take Bambi for a walk–because that bitch is lazy too.

4) In general, I’m going to go back to gluten free, dairy free, added sugar free. This will allow me to focus on the fruits, veggies, and lean meats in my diet.


Adam and I weighed in this morning and we’re ready to go!

I’m going to detail the ups and downs of my routine reboot here on the blog. I’m not going to stick to a particular daily diet or workout routine. I’m not counting calories or anything for that matter. I’ll share with you my progress, my daily routine, some meals I’m making, and how it makes me feel. Since I believe that there are multiple ways to get back on track or to lose a few pounds, I don’t need to share with you exactly what I’m eating or what I’m doing in the gym. If you feel like you need a routine reboot, just set a few realistic goals for yourself and join me!


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