Routine Reboot, Day 1!

Welp. 1 day down, 20 to go.

5:05am  WAKE UP. (Snoozed once.)

5:14am  Got out of bed. Dragged Adam with me.

5:15am  Weigh in. Adam and I figure we both would like to lose 5-7 pounds.

5:16am  28 ounces of lemon water, down the hatch!

5:20am  Bambi was queen of the neighborhood as we were the first peeps out with their pooch. The sun was barely even up! It was so peaceful and surprisingly cool at that hour.

6:00am  LA fitness. I did 30 minutes of cardio (bike–I’m still only allowed low impact activity for another week.) Adam lifted. Adam likes to listen to audiobooks while he works out and drives sometimes–what a great idea! I started Holly Madison‘s book, Down the Rabbit Hole, on an app called Audible. It’s entertaining, to say the least.

6:45am  Breakfast. I had a green smoothie–green apple, celery, kale, ginger, cucumber, broccoli. And there ya have it–it was 7am and I had already exercised and spent some quality time with my little family.

12noon  Chicken, lemon, and kale soup in a jar for lunch. Read about that recipe & meal prep trick here. One gallon of water down.

5:30pm  A handful of golden tomatoes for a snack. I just love summer veggies.

6:35pm  My first BODI class since my stress fracture. BODI is the gym that I go to for strength training classes. You must try it if you’re local to Scottsdale. And don’t forget to vote for Nikki (BODI’s owner) to be Women’s Health Magazine‘s “Next Fitness Star,” right here.


7:30pm  Dinner time! I went out to 5th & Wine, which is right across the street from BODI. You can go out to eat and still stick to your goals! 5th & Wine has a salad that I absolutely love. Here is how it appears on the menu:

Cobb: chopped greens, roasted corn, chopped greens, roasted corn, roasted peppers, avocado, turkey, 2 fried eggs, bacon, cambozola cheese, ranch dressing.

I asked them to omit the cheese, bacon, and dressing. What’s great about this salad is that the fried egg and avocado coat the salad and veggies and act as a really nice dressing itself. With those three omissions, I estimate that I saved at least 400 calories.

At the end of day one, the best part is that I feel optimistic and happy to be back on track. My stomach already feels flatter from all of the water I’ve been drinking (the more you drink, the less your body holds on to, thus reducing bloating!)

I’m actually pumped to get up early and do it all again!

Weigh in result: Down 2.1 pounds from yesterday!

Now–do I actually think that I lost 2.1 pounds overnight? Yes and no. I am sure that I am physically 2 pounds lighter than I was yesterday. Do I think I lost 2 pounds of fat overnight? No. My weigh-in on Monday morning was probably somewhat inflated–reflective of a whole lot of bloat that my body was holding on to from the weekend (think lots of sugary dessert and wine.) I bloat very easily. After a few days of sugar, gluten, and alcohol, I can push out my belly far enough to resemble someone who is 8 months pregnant. I am certain that my weight loss will be much slower from here on out.

HEY. YOU OUT THERE! Are you rebooting your routine as well?? Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook (Mollie Mary Harding), Instagram (@hypegirlherself), and/or Twitter (@hypegirlherself) and use the hashtag #RoutineReboot!!


7 thoughts on “Routine Reboot, Day 1!

  1. Tracie madrigal says:

    Congratulations on getting back to it! I am trying to get myself motivated to start working out again and eating right as I have fallen off the band wagon the last few weeks. Your post and everything you did, ate, and drank makes me want to start now! Here is to a day of eating well! Going to check out that recipe for the jar soup too!


    • The HypeGirl, Herself says:

      Thanks for reading, Tracie! It feels so good to be back in the wagon. Makes me wonder why I ever fall off of my healthy routine. And yes, start now! You won’t regret it. Let me know how you’re doing! PS: the jar soup is AMAZING and so easy. Such a lifesaver!


      • The HypeGirl, Herself says:

        Awesome! It’s one of my favorite meals. By the way, I’ll have to look into that misfit shine tracker! I’ve tried the Nike fuel and the Jawbone UP band–each for a few days and then just sort of stopped. Everyone I know wears them, I think I just have to find one that really works for me.


      • Tracie madrigal says:

        I really love it. Probably because I think it’s pretty and I like that it lights up. Just a nice little feature. And the fact that I don’t have to plug it in to anything EVER is fantastic! Now that the prove has dropped I am even debating getting another one in a different color. Not that I need it, but I just like it THAT much!


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