#RoutineReboot Day 2!

Day 2! (Tuesday, 7/28/15)

5:05am  WAKE UP. Did not snooze!! (Does this mean that waking up early may be getting easier?)

5:06am  Weigh in. See yesterday’s post (scroll down) to see the result.

5:07am  24 ounces of lemon water, down the hatch!

5:15am  The poop loop. That’s what we call Bambi’s little walking route. Get it!? We make a little loop around the neighborhood and she…poops….


6:00am  BODI

7:30am  I needed a heartier breakfast than Monday since I lifted weights at BODI. Breakfast was kale and sweet potato hash topped with two poached eggs. Recipe here. It’s one of my faves and it’s amazing post-workout–complex carbs (sweet potato), healthy fats (coconut oil and eggs), protein (eggs), and a large serving of veggies (kale!). Just what I needed to refuel and keep me full until lunch.

FullSizeRender (9)

12noon  Adam grilled an amazing pork tenderloin last night and he packed my lunch for today.

FullSizeRender (77)

I ate all of the broccoli, but that’s a lot of meat! I saved three of the slices for later and ended up eating some leftover kale & sweet potato hash that I had saved from cooking breakfast.

One gallon of water down.

1:30pm  I realized that I’m starting to get sore from returning to the gym! Hope it doesn’t hit me too hard!

2pm  Matcha tea break! Don’t know what matcha is? Read the cliff’s notes here.

IMG_6634 (1)

5pm  Pre-workout snack. This is a yummy little treat that mixes chia seeds with blackberries in a little smoothie. All I know about this is that it tastes good!


5:45pm  My friend Jessica has been going to Studiomixx Body Sculpting System for a while. We decided that we would go to a workout class there and then grab dinner. I had been to one class (which was extremely challenging!) at Studiomixx before–the event that I went to for six:02 was held there. (Read about Six:02 here.)


Six:02 event: my first barre class at Studiomixx

7pm  Dinner at one of my favorite places, The Herb Box. I ordered the steak salad, and just like Monday night, I nixed the items that don’t fit into my diet guidelines, including the bacon, cheese, and sugary pecans. It was still delicious and filling.

My second workout and the glasses of water I drank at dinner put me well over my two gallons of water goal.

9pm  Bed!

WEIGH IN RESULT: NO CHANGE from monday. I’ll take it!

(SECOND PLACE!? HELL YEA!!!) <—–Can you name the movie that’s from!?


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