#RoutineReboot Day 3!

WELP. 3 DAYs DOWN! 7/29/2015

5:05am  WAKE UP (we didn’t snooze, again!)

5:06am  Weigh in.

5:07am  28 ounces of lemon water, down the hatch!

5:15am  Bambi’s poop loop. This part of our morning has become most enjoyable for us. It is peaceful, Bambi gets some exercise, and we get to see some of our neighbors also walking their dogs. Also, we’ve been doing a little bird watching! About two months ago, we saw a pair of LOVEBIRDS in our backyard birdfeeder. Lovebirds are typically kept as pets, so we figured that these were someone’s pets who had cracked out of the cage.

On Monday’s poop loop, we came across a WHOLE FLOCK of lovebirds who seemed to have a residence in a palm tree a few blocks north of our house. There had to have been a hundred of them! After some internet research, I’ve found out that the Phoenix area is the only place in the United States known to have a “feral” population of lovebirds. (Click here to read more about the Phoenix lovebirds!) They are beautiful and they have such lovely little chirps. Anyway, it is something else to look forward to seeing on our morning walks!


(This is a photo from the internet. Our neighborhood lovebirds reside in a palm tree that is 50 feet high–we can’t get any good photos!)

6:00am  LA fitness for 30 minutes of cardio (elliptical this time) Adam lifted.

FullSizeRender (78)

I continued listening to Holly Madison‘s book, Down the Rabbit Hole, on an app called Audible. Adam is also listening to this book. We’re going to start our own book club. Let me know if you want to join!!

8:15am  Breakfast. I got a little bit of a late start on my first meal of the day because I wanted to use the leftover pork tenderloin that I saved from my lunch yesterday–I kept it in the fridge at work. I made a kale salad with veggies and olives, tossed with a bit of EVOO and balsamic. When I got to work, I heated the pork, cut it up, and threw it in my salad! Did you know that you don’t HAVE to eat actual “breakfast” foods for breakfast!? I love eggs for breakfast but sometimes I don’t have time to make them!

FullSizeRender (79)

12:15pm  Chicken, lemon, and kale soup in a jar for lunch (I know–again. I never get sick of it.) Read about that recipe & meal prep trick here. One gallon of water down.


1:30pm  Matcha tea.


3:45pm  Snack time! An apple and some almonds.

5:00pm  Water. Freaking. Aerobics. The hospital that I work at holds a free class for employees on Wednesdays in the physical therapy pool.

FullSizeRender (55)

I went with my former-professor-turned-colleague-and-work-bestie. This was the perfect activity for me since I am super sore and it was low impact which works for my still-healing foot! Here we are pre and post water aerobics.

FullSizeRender (57) FullSizeRender (56)

7:30pm  Dinner time! Homemade Chipotle. Recipe here.

WEIGH IN RESULT: A gain of one pound from yesterday! Total loss: 1 pound.

SO what is with all this fluctuation?! I’m not even gonna try to put my finger on it. Do I think I gained a whole pound since yesterday!? NO WAY! I’ll admit–I’ve always been tied to the scale. I weigh myself almost every day–basically because it’s the only thing I can keep track of. I can’t judge based upon how my clothes fit–I wear an awesome set of scrubs to work every day, and I don’t have regular access to one of those body fat meter thingies. I can say, though, that this is the first time that I’m judging my lifestyle based on how I FEEL! Being back on track has placed me in a great mood, I’m participating in social activities, I’m enjoying my job more and the workday goes by more quickly, I’m “reading,” and I’m trying new fitness activities, all while eating delicious food. What could be better than this!?

It’ll be great to see results on the scale. However, this re-boot is more about getting back into and enjoying the healthy lifestyle routine. I’m not disappointed with what the scale reads–as long as I’m sticking to my goals, the fat loss will come in good time.


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