#RoutineReboot Day 4!

DAY 4! (THURSDAY, 7/30/15)

5:05am  WAKE UP. “Snoozing” is now totally a thing of the past for us because we are so excited to get up and start our morning walk!

5:06am  Weigh in, lemon water, Bambi’s poop loop.

6:00am  BODI

7:00am  I was STARVING after BODI. I needed something really satisfying, filling, and fueling for my muscles (I’ve been totally sore from my return to the gym). So–I had a protein shake. I had been holding on to a sample packet of Quest Nutrition peanut butter flavored protein and I thought this was the perfect occasion for it. Since I try to stay away from anything soy at all costs, it was whey protein, which means I cheated on my “no dairy” rule. I’m totally fine with this though–it’s not like I was eating cheese curds. A cup of unsweetened almond milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter, half of a frozen banana, and Quest’s peanut butter protein all into the Vitamix! It was kickass. .

11:30am  Lunch. Uh-huh, you know what it is.

One gallon of water down.

12pm  Matcha tea.

3:45pm  Apple and a handful of cashews for a snack.

6:30pm  Happy Hour! The weekend is here!!! Adam and I met Pearl at a place by her house that does dolla oysters on Thurdsays. Naturally I ate all 12 that I ordered (hey they were small) and I had sashimi too! I also decided to treat myself to a glass of wine. Some of my favorite things to enjoy with friends are oysters and drinks!


9pm  Bed!

WEIGH IN RESULT: loss of .3lbs from yesterday.


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