Weekend Reboot!

You guys. This #Reboot is helping me and my friends actually make healthy choices.

For instance, this weekend. we cancelled our binge drinking party for Adrienne’s birthday in favor of stand up paddle boarding!


We are so healthy and fit and mature.

On Friday, I attended a day-long meeting for work. I successfully avoided all of the sugary pastries and cookies offered endlessly throughout the day! Little victories!


IN other news, Bambi had her one year homecoming/family anniversary/birthday on Saturday!!


If you don’t know about Bambi, read about her story here and here.

So naturally, we made homemade dog treats and brought them to bodi to give out to all of her friends! Because remember when you had a birthday and you brought cupcakes to school for your class? Recipe coming soon!


We hope Artemis, Richie, Kaya & Khaleesi, and Baxter loved their treats!

Speaking of Bambi–she woke us up at 5:30am on Saturday morning and said, “I’m ready for my morning walk!” I guess she loves her new routine, too!

And finally, because I have had such an excellent week of rebooting (and because I’m such an awesome wife at the root of it all), Adam treated me to a spa day at the Joya Spa at Omni Montelucia Scottsdale Resort.




I got a MUCH NEEDED massage and a pedicure. I’ve been sore from my return to the gym, so the massage was heavenly. I highly recommend this spa–the facilities were INCREDIBLE. The spa itself is Morroccan influenced so the design, architecture, and furniture created a beautiful, relaxing and calming atmosphere. The staff was friendly and helpful. One of my favorite parts was that they had these delicious infused ice waters EVERYWHERE. My favorite was the grapefruit and coconut. I was definitely able to stay hydrated!

FullSizeRender (58)

It was exactly what I needed.

It was a lovely, productive, and healthy weekend!

Weigh-in result: I’m exactly the same as where I started. Keep on truckin’!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Reboot!

  1. Bubbles and Booyah says:

    Looks fab! SUP is so fun, and way better than binge drinking (especially bc you don’t have a wicked headache the next day) 😉 I am insanely jealous of your spa day, it looks so relaxing and mellow! Keep up the good work, girlfriend! 💜


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