Wednesday! (8/5/2015)

So. We’ve been doing great–eating healthy, being active. Drinking water, sleeping well!

That being said, I’ve decided to stop weighing myself each morning. I feel good and I’m being active–why should I need to check up on myself every single day?

Bambi woke us up today EVEN earlier–4:59am! What a lucky girl–we got right up and had time to take her on an EVEN longer walk than usual!

Breakfast was my peanut butter protein shake.


Lunch was tuna salad with homemade mayo on romaine lettuce scoops.


One can of tuna drained, a heaping spoonful of homemade mayo, chopped celery, onion, & pickle, freshly cracked pepper & sea salt. Amaze.

(The recipe/link for the peanut butter protein shake and the homemade mayonnaise were included in Tuesday’s post. Scroll down or click here.)

Since it’s my birthday month (yay–August 12th), I had some reward dollars to spend at Sports Authority. So, I went for weightlifting gloves during my lunch break. As per usual, I went to the store for one thing and came back with another. Went to Sports Authority for weightlifting gloves–came home with an elliptical.


This Pro-Form floor model was on sale, which would save HUNDREDS off the purchase price of brand new. It was just SUCH a bargain that I could not pass up. We have a third bedroom in our house that we HARDLY use (despite our first two attempts–first it was a music room, and then it was an office. Neither concept quite worked for us!) Now, we have a home gym!

After work, it was time to celebrate NATIONAL OYSTER DAY! (We just love oysters and dranks–so we also could not pass up this opportunity to do more of what we love!)


Adam, Pearl, and I went downtown Phoenix to DeSoto Central Market. One of their counters, The Walrus & the Pearl, was having an oyster tasting with drink pairing just for the occasion. (By the way, there is no relation between our Pearl and the Walrus & the Pearl. HEHE!)


And it did not disappoint. We got to taste 5 different west & east coast oysters, each paired with a mouthful of a different drink–from chenin blanc, Arizona-local brewed lager, and rose champagne!

FullSizeRender (83)


There was also a hamachi crudo and a tuna poke course that are not pictured–they were so good we gobbled them up before photographing! Aw, shucks (hehe!)

Pearl then joined us for one more beer in our backyard. Four Peaks’ Peach Ale in a frosted glass! It was a fantastic Wednesday!

(I’ve been trying to have a little fun during the week so that the weekends don’t seem too far away. We had just enough fun, but were still able to wake up and get back to our routine on Thursday morning!)


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