Thursday (8/6/15)

Thirsty thursday

(I’m pounding water like crazy over here!)

We have a ton of fresh veggies in our fridge right now. But since we celebrated National Oyster Day on Wednesday, we did not have time to grill or prep any chicken or meat for today’s lunches. Aw, shucks (okay okay okay okay, I’ll be done with the oyster jokes.) I wanted to use the veggies rather than defrosting a jar of chicken, lemon, and kale soup. So the next best thing that we had for protein was a package of chicken breast lunch meat from Costco. (THE GOOD KIND–nitrate free, shaved from the breast type thing.)

So, I made a salad. One that I’m now obsessed with.

.IMG_6720 (1)

Behold: Chicken breast, chopped romaine, sliced strawberries, cucumber, red onion, hard boiled egg, pumpkin seeds, & avocado, and dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I love this salad so much, I had it for lunch AND dinner on Thursday!!

We spent most of Thursday evening getting our third bedroom ready to house our new home gym (aka the new elliptical.) Way back then: music room. Then: office. Now: workout room with a desk and three guitars on the wall. We also brought the TV that we formerly had in our bedroom (we did not watch TV in there….hehe) into the new workout room (I’ve been beefing up my Netflix queue list in anticipation…)

What are your Netflix faves? Got any good recommendations for me??


The BEST part about Thursday for me was that my work schedule got cut short due to cancellations and no-shows. SOOOO I got home around 2! I was able to FaceTime with some family members, tidy up the house, pack my lunch for work the next day, AND get some cardio in! The WORST part!? It felt so much like a Friday that when I woke up Friday morning, I was in full-on Saturday mode.



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