#RoutineReboot Week 3!

Welp. The second weekend of our #RoutineReboot happened.

The weekends are rough waters–In the past, I have thrown all of my diet rules out the window when I arrive home from work on Fridays. I have to be really careful to stick to my workout routine and remember moderation.

Friday 8/7

My elliptical came home!

FullSizeRender (60)

And now this is my new favorite view.

Nikki Metzger, our friend, trainer, and the owner of our gym (BODI), won Women’s Health Magazine’s “Next Fitness Star” competition!


Isn’t she the best!?

It was announced on the TODAY show in the morning and my friends and I were all kinds of keyed up about it. Watch the segment here!

So, naturally, we had to celebrate on Saturday.

saturDAY 8/8


#KarahFace #THEjackieCOOP


My trap queen.

And celebrate, we did! Did you see my Next Fitness Star themed HypeGirl glasses!?

Now. Prior to the #RoutineReboot, after a good Saturday-Funday, I liked to have a good Sunday-Noneday. Meaning that I get NOTHING accomplished and sometimes don’t even leave the house. I got all meals delivered, either by Adam, who has gone through the Portillo’s drive thru, or by Jamal, our Papa John’s guy.



Up at 6. Bambi’s poop loop (2.3 miles). Boom shacka-lacka.

45 minutes of cardio.

Healthy breakfast. Kale & sweet potato hash with poached eggs.

FullSizeRender (9)

Healthy lunch. Salad.

IMG_6720 (1)


House-related chores

Healthy dinner–Kobe beef burgers (protein style–aka–lettuce wrapped).

Dayummmmm I’m impressing even myself. And as a hype-gril, that’s sorta hard to do. Because I’m already awesome. And now I’m getting awesome-er. 


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