The End!

Weekend #3!

Adam and I celebrated my birthday on Friday.


I’m the proud new owner of a GOLD iPad Air 2! Thanks, Adam! 

We also made a lovely dinner of grilled honey-lime pork chops with grilled peaches.


We loved this dish. Also, pork chops are not part of our “usual rotation.” We are so guilty of eating the same things. Homemade Chipotle, protein shakes, kale and sweet potato hash, kale & lemon chicken soup, and repeaaaaat. This was a simple dish–pork chops marinated in salt & pepper and some spices, and brushed with honey & lime on the grill. We topped it with chopped cilantro and BOOM.

Saturday was my friend Ashley’s bachelorette party.


Enough said.

Afterward, Adam and I had pizza and beer for dinner. Definitely NOT on the #RoutineReboot, but delicious and needed–like I was FOR REAL gonna have a SALAD after the bachelorette party?


…But then on Sunday morning, we were right back at it! Step 1: hydrate. Step 2: caffeinate.


We went to a nearby coffee shop instead of our usual poop loop. And got a free coffee!! Big win. (Bambi like can’t follow directions. So when we told her to look at the camera, she was like, “whut?”)


French macaroned.


Pearl, Terah, Kelly Potts, and I took the class at our local Sur La Table.


Because when you make sweets, you wear the cupcake apron. Okay?


And it was a serious blast. It was like, the 5th or 6th best day of my life.


We made blueberry lemon and s’more’s macarons. We also made an Italian buttercream to fill the blueberry macarons. SO amazing.

And I can’t wait to try my hand at them in my own kitchen. Without Arlette.

 …And just like that, #RoutineReboot has come to an end!

Time flies when you go on the poop loop every day!

It’s been three weeks since I was cleared to re-enter the gym after two months of sloth-like behavior produced by two injuries and post-wedding blues and sponsored by Papa John’s.

I set several small goals for myself: wake up early to walk with my family, stay very hydrated (two gallons of water per day), exercise 6 days per week, and eat healthy, whole foods (gluten/sugar/dairy free, with some exceptions–because you only live once, okay?)

I didn’t lose any weight. And for the first time in my life, I don’t care! I do look remarkably different from three weeks ago and what’s best is that I feel AMAZING. And happy.

Based on “popular belief,” it takes three weeks to build a habit. Even though our Routine Reboot is over, we hope to intend to continue our habits because they have added to much to our lives in the last three weeks. We’re sleeping well. We’re nourished. We’re happy because we feel active, productive, and rested, and we’re spending quality time together.

I’d call this a success!!


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