Thanks, Aunt Nancy!

Oh my goodness. Okay okay okay okay.

I’m about to change the life of every gal who wears high-heeled, toe pinching, & blister forming pumps, wedges, peep toes, & Tory Burch ballet flats in the name of fashion and beauty.



If you’re like, “Oh I don’t really own a pair of heels so this doesn’t apply to me,” then you should just probably click the little red “X” at the top of your browser now. We won’t have a lot in common.

Still with me? Okay. Let me digress.



…And OMG was it awesome. It was the (second) best wedding in history and my sister made the (second) most beautiful bride in the world!

Anywho. As the sister of the bride (do you even know how important of a role the sister of the bride plays in a wedding?), I had to have a slammin’ dress with shoes to match.

kate spade

My kate spade new york dress.


I wish I had more photos of my entire look–but I don’t because I was not busy taking photos at this event. I was SUPER busy meeting people, eating cake, entertaining the guests, and absolutely murderinggggg my sister-of-the-bride speech. (Add this to the list of speeches that I’ve just nailed–ahem–white coat ceremony ASU Audiology class of 2013. People are STILL talking about that one.)

I completed the look with these bomb-ass shoes.


The “Sister” pumps from the SJP Collection. They are sold out pretty much everywhere, but I did find some online here, and on sale (I’ve never heard of or ordered from that website before, so IDK.) They’re available on Zappos here just in a different pattern.


These hurt my feet like a motha’. BUT, I got like a million compliments, so was it worth it? Yes.

Okay. I was almost crawling on the floor after just one hour. Luckily, I brought my Tory Burch flippies to change into, but I just couldn’t swap out until after my speech. So like many have and many others will, I endured.

Do you guys have an Aunt Nancy? No? Well I do, and she came to the rescue.


with this.

It’s like a mini-deodorant stick. And you just roll-on to the spots on your feet that hurt!

While it did not take the pain away 100%, it did significantly lessen the pain and allowed me to walk like a normal two-legged human being–and that is a major win!

Disclaimer: use sparingly! If you use too much, you’ll be slippin’ and slidin’ all up in your shoes!

…And I recommend that you be in pain rather than fall on your face.

Once again, you’re welcome.


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