3rd Annual Inaugural Pumpkin Pie Party!

You guys. Last weekend in Orange County, I participated in mollie & laurie’s 3rd Annual Inaugural Pumpkin Pie Party.

Okay okay, so if you’re thinking, “Annual Inaugural Pumpkin Pie Party!? What’s that!?”

I shall start from the beginning.


This is me and my pal, Laurie, above. You see, we are pumpkin people.


Exhibit A.

20130929_124143 20130929_124315

Exhibits B and C.

Once pumpkin season hits, we are those girls. We are all about the pumpkin bundtcakes, lumpcakes, poundcakes, roundcakes, and cupcakes. Pumpkin sheetcakes and cheesecakes. Pumpkin coffee and pumpkin toffee. Pumpkin soup and pumpkin goop. Pumpkin hula hoop. Pumpkin muffins and puffins.  Pumpkin doughnuts and go-nuts. And of course, pumpkin pie.

So like I said, back to the 3rd Annual Inaugural Pumpkin Pie Party. 

I’ll break this down for you, bit by bit.

Pumpkin Pie Party: Ok. So this means a party where you eat pumpkin pie. DUH.

3rd Annual: Ok. So this means this is the third year in a row that this party has happened.

Inaugural: Ok. So this means that we mark the beginning of pumpkin season together for each individual year.

Put it all together: We mark the beginning of pumpkin season by eating our first annual bite of pumpkin pie, together. And this year was the third year in a row.



Laurie and I were both populating places in Orange County at the present–her pad in Irvine, mine in Mission Viejo. We were just plain clueless that we were pioneering a perfect new practice as two pumpkin pie peckers in my pretty penthouse.



We proceeded to pig out on pizza and pumpkin pie off of plastic plates during a pajama party in a San Diego hotel room. See?? Here, I poured on a peak of whipped cream at a point of profound pumpkin passion.

And this year, in 2015, it was a picnic in a public parking lot!!

Laurie still lives in Orange County proper. When I was there over Labor Day, it was a priority that we meet for lunch (and of course to hold our third annual pumpkin pie party.) Because many pit-stops have puritanical “No Outside Pie Policies,” we could not perform the precise procedures of our party in our peaceful booth promptly postliminary to our lunch.

Lucky for us, there was a perfectly pleasant parking lot right outside which would serve as a prime position! And of course, being a premium pie party hostess (among other things), Laurie had been proactive and packed all the prerequisites for a pristine party in a portable pumpkin pie pouch.

IMG_4182 IMG_4185

Laurie then unpacked several pretty paper plates–proportionate to the exact number of persons who were present for the party (they even corresponded to the particular gender of the partaker–blue for Adam, pink for Laurie & me!)

IMG_4194 FullSizeRender (5)

Keep your peepers peeled. Can you pick up on the phrase printed on the plates?

“Happy Time FOR YOU!”

(It was a happy time, indeed.)

She had even packed a personal pie server.

IMG_4188 IMG_4190

Laurie portioned out and passed the pie pieces.

IMG_4202  IMG_4208


As soon as I had my eyes on the prize, I could feel my patience petering out and could no longer persevere. I could not postpone my excitement with each passing moment. I was about to put away a powerful pile of pumpkin pie.

Then, we proceeded to propose praises to ourselves and projected very positive potential for this pumpkin season.

FullSizeRender (3)


IMG_4221 IMG_4225

And the party progressed as planned.

IMG_4226 IMG_4227

The pungent pumpkin flavor panged our palates and we couldn’t help but take a pause to savor our pleasure during our inaugural taste of pumpkin paradise!!!!

Please peruse the video below which contains more moments of our pumpkin party! Make sure you have the volume turned up as it is set to the most delightful song!


…Are you peeved with all the “p” words I’ve procured for this post?


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