Decorating with Succulents!

Hai guys! Remember my wedding?


Of course you do.

We used succulent plants in my bouquet (above) and in the centerpieces for the dining tables (below).

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And they were so beautiful!

After the wedding, I was able to save a few of the plants from my bouquet and the centerpieces to use as decor throughout our house! Listen up, because you’re gonna wanna do this too.

Head to your local garden center and pick out a variety of shapes and colors. They come potted in a bit of soil–however, you may need an extra bag of soil for re-potting.

head to your local goodwill or thrift store. pick out a bunch of vintage glasses and cups to pot them in! Remember–Super Saturdays at goodwill will afford you an additional discount on these already cheap items. Plan ahead!

This is also a great way to re-purpose items you already have! Old housewares like coffee mugs and candle holders you have laying around the house will do!

Below are some of the ways that I’ve placed succulents around my house!

^ Cacti and candles as an everyday Centerpiece for the kitchen table
another little guy in a teeny little cordial glass I got from goodwill ^.
^ This is a succulent in literally an old can of olives. I just stuck that sucker in there and Tied a bit of crafting twine in a bow. and i’m not even on pinterest because i have my own flippin good ideas. See how easy this is!?
I also had this birdcage left over from the wedding (originally purchased from hobby lobby.) It used to hold cards. Now it holds my little green babies!
A bird’s Eye view ^

OH LOOK! There’s the bar cart! It is no longer functions as a bar cart, but now as a unique side table!

Okay so, not only are these ideas super cute, but some studies have shown that indoor plants help improve your mood and your health.

You’re welcome.


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