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My Bff, Nelly

#TBT to that one time that we saw Nelly at the Bud Light House of Whatever in Phoenix during super bowl weekend. The House of Whatever is a whole different #TBT story in itself. If Bud Light were US Weekly, my friends would always be on the cover. I’ve been a Nelly fan since before I was … Continue reading My Bff, Nelly

Favorite Things

HAI! I had a bachelorette party yesterday. #hypegirlgetshitched. Full post on the festivities coming soon. Right now, I’m busing eating taco bell, recapping the crazy stories with my amazing babes, and sending my seeeeester back to Chicago. The lovely ladies (self nicknamed the “bridal brigade”) who planned the party were Katie, Pearl, and Terah. You know I … Continue reading Favorite Things

HGH, A History

You guys, after last week’s TBT, I’ve gotten endless requests from people to find out more about me and how I became the HG you all know and love. Well you’re in luck–here you go, there is much to learn. Here I am as a small baby. See? Even then I wasn’t washing my hair every … Continue reading HGH, A History

Bye, Eva Mendes

Shiz. Eva Mendes sent out a message to womankind a few days ago–and it was my worst nightmare! (Normally, I only take advice from Giuliana and Angelina…but this one I heard LOUD & CLEAR!) In case you missed it, you can catch up on the buzz here. Yep. She named sweatpants as the number one … Continue reading Bye, Eva Mendes

So Official

Adam and I went to the court last week and got our marriage license.  Yep, we are now licensed to wed. It was actually a very simple process—much easier than I thought and far less paperwork than I had imagined. All we had to do was pay a fee (DUH) and sign a piece of … Continue reading So Official

Where’s HGH?

TBT. This is my family, circa 1988. Can you guess which one is me!? I’ll give you some clues!     Oh look. Another snapchat screenshot. I told you my friends are doing this to me all the time. Can you figure it out yet? Your girl, hypin’ since 1987.  

Going Viral

Today, I was like YAY! My little blog reached over 1,000 views in only one week!…And then I was like “Why are you all so obsessed with me?” But then I realized, the limit (on blog viewing) does not exist! I can’t help that I’m so popular. Disclaimer: I do realize that a great majority of … Continue reading Going Viral

Me & G

Shiz, you guys. My celeb look-a-like is in a whole heap of trouble. (See!? If you couldn’t tell, I’m the one on the left.) It’s Giuliana. Have you heard? If not, read about it here. Giuliana was being fabulous (as per usual) while hosting E!’s Fashion Police which reviewed the stars on the red carpet at … Continue reading Me & G

May 4th

MAY 4TH IS A VERY SENTIMENTAL DAY FOR ME. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE FACEBOOK REMINDED ME. SEE!? On May 4th, 2012, I left Arizona for Saint Louis to finish up the last year of my doctorate degree. . I lived there for one year and that year was very important to me and my growth as … Continue reading May 4th

Shiz Happens.

YOU GUYS–HAIIIII!!! THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL WEDDING POST. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL POST. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW SOME OF OUR PHOTOS!! ALAS. The wedding has indeed come and gone. We had an unbelievable, absolutely incredible, and magical wedding WEEKEND! It went off without a hitch. ….Until now. When you have just … Continue reading Shiz Happens.

Boom, Hypenia!

AS YOU ALL KNOW BY NOW, OUR HONEYMOON TO CANCUN WAS CANCELLED ON ACCOUNT OF MY HERNIA (HYPENIA.) IF YOU DON’T KNOW THIS FACT ALREADY, ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK!? Everybody and their abuelas are literally reading this blog (see number 2 in the list below.) Abuela is Spanish for grandmother. Continuing on my quest … Continue reading Boom, Hypenia!

Our Wedding Style!

Ahem, Ladies first. I normally know exactly what I want. When it comes to style and decorating, I can make a decision at the snap of a finger and never look back. But when I came to my wedding dress, I was absolutely not one of those brides who bought the first dress they tried … Continue reading Our Wedding Style!

Wedding Hi-lights!

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I GIVE YOU OUR WEDDING HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. It is entitled, “Mollie & Adam’s Wedding: Starring Courtney Timblin & Hal Hardy.” I’ve also included a second-by-second commentary for clarity purposes which you can find when you scroll down on this post. I wish I could make it “Pop-Up-Video” style, but that would sorta … Continue reading Wedding Hi-lights!