Favorite Things

HAI! I had a bachelorette party yesterday. #hypegirlgetshitched. Full post on the festivities coming soon. Right now, I’m busing eating taco bell, recapping the crazy stories with my amazing babes, and sending my seeeeester back to Chicago.

The lovely ladies (self nicknamed the “bridal brigade”) who planned the party were Katie, Pearl, and Terah.

You know I had to give them a little gift for their hard work and time they spent planning this bridal bash. SO, naturally, I put together a few of my fabulous fragrant favorites!

FullSizeRender (24)

1) Bath bombs from Lush. These particular ones that I bought are bubble bombs and are Easter themed! I love them because they are so cute looking, they have such a beautiful fragrance, and make your bath all bubbly! Buy them here! (Quick–Easter is this coming Sunday. Such a lovely addition to any Easter basket. DUH!)

2) Candles from Anthropologie. If you’re giving a candle as a gift, it’s gotta be Anthropologie. Trust. They’re the best because they actually fill a room with scent AND they come in such unique and decorative jars that they are a cute piece for any coffee table or dresser. The ones I chose for my gals can be found here.

FullSizeRender (23)

3) Harney & Sons tea. Specifically, their Hot Cinnamon Spice variety is a game changer. A MUST HAVE at afternoon tea, or any tea party. I love this flavor because it has a very strong aroma and it is extremely flavorful. Try the cinnamon and the first think you will think is “BaaAaZZzzZZING!” Also, if you visit their website here, you can see that their varieties are offered loose, in bags, sachets and pods! Grool!

Thank you, times a million, to Katie, Pearl, and Terah, and everyone who came!  I LOVE YOU!


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