HGH, A History

You guys, after last week’s TBT, I’ve gotten endless requests from people to find out more about me and how I became the HG you all know and love.

Well you’re in luck–here you go, there is much to learn.


Here I am as a small baby. See? Even then I wasn’t washing my hair every day.

FullSizeRender (8)

Here I am, being showered with gifts because I am so loved. This still happens to this day (see here!) Pictured: A Barbie coloring book, a water color paint set, crayons (pronounced CRANZ, or /krænz/, for you idiots out there) and a life-sized statue of a goose.

FullSizeRender (7)

Here I am in my early athlete days. Yep, from an early age, I was killin’ it and smashing records in the pool, on the baseball field, and in life in general. Flash forward to now, I’m kicking ass on the kickball field, in the kitchen, and in my daily adventures.


I am a world traveler. Pictured here, I am in London with the pigeons at Trafalgar Square. You’ll also see here that I have always been an animal lover. And how does the world re-pay me? With a dog, whom I rescued, that doesn’t even know I exist!


Pictured here, I am like 15. In my opinion, this is when I started to get pretty. The Spring Fling Queen is always pretty. I was always on trend, even in 2002. See that shell choker necklace? Yep? So fetch.


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