Me & G

Shiz, you guys. My celeb look-a-like is in a whole heap of trouble.


(See!? If you couldn’t tell, I’m the one on the left.)

It’s Giuliana. Have you heard? If not, read about it here.

Giuliana was being fabulous (as per usual) while hosting E!’s Fashion Police which reviewed the stars on the red carpet at the 87th Academy Awards. One of her comments, aimed toward Zendaya’s look (does she even go here?) was considered racist and extremely offensive by many. Apparently, the internets went nuts.

In my opinion, G’s apology was extremely sincere and classy. You go, G! (I will now be referring to my look-a-like as G from here on out–its easier and it makes it seem like we are friends.)

During the fallout, Kelly Osbourne recently announced that she would be leaving E!’s Fashion Police to “pursue other opportunities.” (My what great SKILLZ you must have.) G asked me to come on the show to replace Kelly, but sadly, I had to decline because I already have a great job! I work at a children’s hospital, so what I do here in Phoenix is way more important. (I also do car commercials in Japan.)

So, bye, Kelly Osbourne, you can go shave your back now. (PS: Kelly O–private message me–I’m hiring a stewardess for my private jet.)

Basically, there was no point to this post. (But it was a really freakin’ great way to point out all of the similarities between me and G.) She lives in Chicago, I am from Chicago! She is a trophy wife, I am a future trophy wife. She is beautiful and flawless, OH GOSH–Wow!!


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