Wedding Hi-lights!


It is entitled, “Mollie & Adam’s Wedding: Starring Courtney Timblin & Hal Hardy.”

I’ve also included a second-by-second commentary for clarity purposes which you can find when you scroll down on this post. I wish I could make it “Pop-Up-Video” style, but that would sorta ruin the utter elegance and nostalgia of it all.

Wedding Mollie & Adam at Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix from Daniel Wagner on Vimeo.

0:01: The song playing in the video is called “Old Pine,” by Ben Howard. This is also the song that Adam played for me on the guitar as I walked down the aisle.

0:02: The Desert Botanical Garden was breathtaking. It. Was. Amazing.

0:20: That snake was really there. It was the first of two we saw that day. YIKES!

0:36: The beautiful rustic-looking chairs were a total surprise from my mom. We had originally rented plain white chairs but she upgraded and I’m so glad she did!  The white rose petals were also a surprise. Such a lovely touch!

0:53: Those mirrors that the garden set up in the little get-ready room were skinny mirrors (all you ladies know what I’m talking about, amirite?) I wanted to take them home with me.

1:14: Adam wore teal shoelaces!! You know he just loves teal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look here.

1:24: Here I am walking to our “first look.” My entourage is clearly pictured behind me. Gosh, I just can’t go anywhere without a #HypeCrew.

1:30: Ugly cry #1.

2:10: First appearance of Hype Mom (Sandy) and Hype Dad (Larry.) My mom found that dress at Nordstrom. I encouraged her to wear something that “pushed the envelope” and was different from something that she would normally wear or what her friends and family would expect. She killed it–looking fabulous! My dad is also looking snazzy in a brand new suit, also from Nordstrom.

2:17: Ugly cry #2. I am SO sorry.

2:36: I’m so glad our videographer, Daniel, was able to capture my mom and dad laughing here. I thought our ceremony was perfectly sincere and loving, but also had a hint of humor and lightheartedness!

2:47: HAiiiiiiiiiiii Bailey!!!!!!!!!!

3:02: Tony DeVine fanning himself off. You be you, Tony.

3:07: My twelve year-old nephew, Brody. I’m not at liberty to say exactly what I’d like to say right here, because he does in fact read this blog. Hi, Brody!

3:13: HAiiiiiii Babes!!!!! First appearance of Courtney Timblin at this moment (Not pictured: her boot.)

3:20: UGH! I just can’t get over how perfect the weather was on our day. It was amazingly beautiful!

3:25: Adam and I actually took dance lessons for our first dance. Pictured in the background–the single’s table. You’ll notice that Courtney Timblin and Hal Hardy were seated at this very table.

3:33: The father/bride dance was a very special moment!

3:41: Sister Kate waves to someone not pictured. Matt, her fiancé, turns immediately to look to see who or what she is waving at. Because there is no dialog in this highlight video, you wouldn’t know exactly what is going on–I’ll fill you in. Kate goes, “Oh finally, there are the 20 midget dancers wearing topknots that I ordered!” Matt goes, “Topknots!? Where!?”

3:52: Adam having a nice moment with his sister, Ashley. In the background on the right side, you can see Courtney Timblin and Hal Hardy discussing current events.

4:03: Here you’ll see our sisters and brothers-in-law displaying excellent dance moves. They also both appear to know the words and to sing along. Great job on being hip, you guys!!!

4:10: My mom and all her chicks. Babes–this is gonna be us in 35 years (only if you have a friendship contract that lasts that long, however.) Big shout out to my lifers, Stacey, Bri, Adrienne, & Bailey!!!!!


4:20: Wow, sisters! I’m really impressed with your dancing!!! I didn’t know you could do other dance varietals, beyond wrist dancing!

4:25: Here I am doing some sort of octopus dance with Ben Kinnas. That’s what you do when you dance with Ben Kinnas. You octopus dance. MmMMMMMMm

4:31: Interpretive dance/Irish jigging by Hal Hardy. We can only assume that this happening as a means to impress Courtney, who stomps her boot along to the beat. Stomp stomp stomp, stomp StOmP STOMP.

4:45: I’m sexy and I know it moment #1.

4:51: Adam dancing with Hal Hardy. “You spin, bro!”…..”No dude, YOU do a twirl, bro!”

5:12: There’s Brody again, dancing with Adrienne, which like isn’t that big of a deal because they’re basically the same age. After a couple seconds, Adrienne puts her hand up, shouts, “I can’t even,” and walks off.

5:20: GET OUT OF THE VIDEO KATE!!! I don’t care if you know all the words to “Shake it Off!” Is this YOUR wedding video!?

5:26: I’m sexy and I know it moment #2.

5:35: Wow, sister Julie! For the first time since I start this blog, I’ve got nothing to say about this.

5:39: Dear brother Scott, you are VERY special and I’m SO glad we’re related.

5:51: Here you’ll see Adam and me trying to do the tango. Oh, did we bother you, Terry Olson? Look at that stink eye! That’s one for the books.

6:00: Courtney Timblin and Hal Hardy. Those two–at it again. Courtney is jumping up and down feverishly, even in a boot. Great moves, girl.

6:03: Adam strips off his suspenders for me. Thanks, babe.

6:09: Ugly drunken sloppy kissing while Courtney Timblin watches. Looks like she’s hootin’ and hollerin’ too. This girl is literally everywhere.

6:24: BYYYYEeeeeeEEEeeee!!!


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