Essential Oils

Hai! So listen. A long time ago, we were at Ashley’s house (she is my future sister in law.) Ashley put some oil droplets (droplets–that’s a good word) in this little sorcery egg thing which sent puffs of awesomeness into the air. She told me she was diffusing essential oils. I was like, “Essential oils!? Isn’t that like a class at Hogwarts?”

She also makes other concoctions with these oils, like she puts some more droplets into her water and some droplets into her own environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Since then, I’ve seen other people using essential oils via Facebook posts made by old friends, and then most recently, I found out that Amanda, my fiancé’s step-cousin’s wife, is an independent distributor of these magical mixtures.


SOOOoOOoOOO I figured I’d better interview Amanda to find out more about these mystical oils.

HypeGirl (HG): What are essential oils?

Amanda (A): Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds from plants.  A wide variety of different essential oils are available, and may be produced from seeds, bark, leaves, flowers, roots or peels of some fruits.  They do more than smell great – they can provide all kinds of other benefits!

HG: What kinds of things can you use essential oils for?

A: Anything really!  Oils can be beneficial to anyone, for a variety of physical and mental health complaints as well as for general wellness.  Some of the most common uses for oils include skin conditions such as acne and eczema, pain complaints, cold/flu symptoms, anxiety or depressed mood, promoting relaxing and relieving stress.

HG: So, like, how do I use them?

A: Oils can be used topically–when used directly on skin, they should be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or jojoba.  Use the same quality of oils that you can cook with and consume, as the oils are absorbed through your skin.

Oils can also be diffused into the air–it’s best to use an ultrasonic diffuser that does not use any heat as this can destroy many of the therapeutic properties of the oil.

Some oils can be ingested, but take particular care with this. If you are a beginner, consult with someone who knows what they are doing prior to ingestion! Also, be very careful about the brand you choose to ingest as oils are not regulated and many are contaminated with chemicals, pesticides or synthetics.

Lastly, oils can also be used for making personal care and cleaning products!

HG: Ok. So I’m definitely going to need my oils free of pesticides and synthetics. Tell me more.

A: Yes, be careful and do your research. Find a company that you can trust because oils are not created equally as quality and purity vary greatly. My personal favorite and what I choose to use for my family is Young Living Essential Oils.

HG: What is your favorite essential oil and what do you use it for?

A: It’s so hard to choose–I have too many. I am loving frankincense for my skin. I put a drop in some argan oil and use at night. Peace & Calming was my first favorite because it helped my baby sleep SO much better and gave me some free time. Now I like it for myself to sleep too!

HG: Sweet! Promoting relaxation and relieving stress definitely sounds great. Things can get a little crazy when you are planning a wedding and running a super successful lifestyle blog.

A: I’m happy to send you some stress/sleep oils if you would like!

SO SHE DID! Amanda sent me two things to try.


These particular oils are of the roll-on variety. I roll the “Tranquil” one on my wrists and neck at night near bedtime and I roll on the green “Stress Away” one before work. Because that’s just how I roll now.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • The roll-on action itself is super fun. It makes me smile.
  • It’s even become part of my night-time routine.
  • They do make you smell awesome. Adam likes the smell too.
  • It makes your skin soooo soft where you rolllllllllll it.
  • All of the above things make me feel good.
  • Therefore, I do believe that stress is relieved and that I am tranquilized.

Do u want to feel awesome, have soft skin, and relieve your stress? DUH! Take a look at Amanda’s links if you’d like to find out more/getyaself some:

Amanda’s Apothecary

Amanda’s Apothecary on Facebook

Amanda’s Apothecary on Twitter

AND THAT IS NOT ALL, YOU GUYS. Amanda’s Apothecary is sponsoring my very first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are giving away a roll-on (just like the ones I have) called Deep Reliefwhich contains a super awesome blend of essential oils, great for any kind of pain complaint–headaches, neck and back pain, and muscle aches and tension.


1) Follow me on instagram, @hypegirlherself!

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FullSizeRender (31)

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A winner will be chosen at random this Friday! Good Luck!


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