Gym Kit

This Monday, I had an early operating room case at work. I was there in the OR suited up and de-germ-ified at 7am only to find that I had missed the memo and surgery was cancelled over the weekend.



I checked my schedule and I didn’t have another appointment until 1pm! YAY! The time was now 7:35am. With the right kind of miracle, I could make an 8am workout class at BODI.

With the seconds dwindling, I thought of my options. 1) I could apparate. Not wanting the nearby muggles to discover my powers, I quickly ruled this out. 2) There is no runway or even a small landing strip in Old Town Scottsdale, so I couldn’t take my private jet. 3) Matilda, Bailey’s zebra, passed away on December 13, 2014, so I couldn’t ride her.

So, I had to settle for the old fashioned way. I hopped in the most trusty, badass, and free car a HypeGirl could have (thanks Mom & Dad), battled the rush hour traffic, heat-seeking shells, and banana peels down Kalimari Desert Highway and headed to BODI. I made it, just in time, only three minutes late–thank goodness for my EMERGENCY WORKOUT KIT!

Yep. Because I can’t work out in my blueberry suit and my surgery booties (remember, my blueberry suit is my work costume.)

FullSizeRender (13)

You really never know when you will need an extra pair of socks, sneaks, and spandex. I keep all of these items in my car JUST IN CASE someone challenges me to a kickball match (which is pretty much all the time), an arm wrestle, or a super professional photographer (Pearl) just asks me to be a #model in a fitness photoshoot.

Don’t know what kind of outfits to pack in your emergency kit? Here are some ideas:


Kelly Kapowski


You’re welcome.


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