Kate Hiipakka

Guys, I hope you LOVE my first interview!

Hype Girl (HGH): HAI! Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Kate: Hi! I’m Kate, one of HypeGirl’s older sisters (HypeGirl is the YOUNGEST of us all!)! I’m a Chicago native, working in marketing and brand strategy full-time, with a side hustle in fitness. I’m a Nike Master Trainer, instructor at Shred415, and the mind behind the health and fitness website, The Four Percent. Hmm, what else? I love manicures, top knots, and coconut milk lattes!

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 Greetings, campers! Give me a Camp Hope “Hi, Hi, Hiya!”

HGH: How did fitness become your passion? I discovered group exercise in college–specifically, spinning. Once I graduated college, I became a certified spinning instructor and taught classes as a way to supplement my minimal paying salary in entry level advertising. I started teaching 2-classes per week, which turned into 5, which turned into 8. Helping others realize their fitness potential quickly became my biggest thrill in life!

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Wake up, campers. It’s a glorious morning. Today is Evaluation Day. The key word here is “value.” Do you have any? Not yet. But by the end of the summer, this camp will be filled with skinny winners!
HGH: What is it like to be #fitnessmodel?
It’s really difficult. I’m not an ambi-turner, which has severely stunted my career. Just kidding! Working out isn’t about what you look like. It’s about being strong, from the inside out. Being healthy is more than being “toned” or having a six-pack. Being healthy is about being mindful about how you treat your body holistically. We only have ONE body, and it is our greatest asset, because it is the vehicle in which we live our lives. That sounds really dramatic, but it’s true! It is crucial to eat right and be physically fit. Don’t workout because you hate your body and want to change it, workout because you love it.
 She’s a regulation hottie.
HGH: Do you have any tips on how to be a #fitgirl on the go? 
Prioritize your time, schedule your workouts, and DON’T cancel on yourself! You don’t have to workout for hours on end. Do what you can, with the time and energy you have. Whether you attend a group exercise class, or do a 4-minute Tabata in your kitchen, set goals and do something every day to make your goals your reality. Need a boost? Keep in touch with me on Instagram  (@KateHiipakka) for daily motivation, workouts, and of course, some Nike swag!
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HGH: Are there any special snacks, hair, or beauty products you always have in your gym bag?
I’ve found over the years that I perform my best (both working out and teaching classes) on an empty stomach, so I don’t carry snacks with me in my gym bag. If I need fuel I’ll pick up a green smoothie or a juice to spike my energy. I always carry face wash and moisturizer, Makeup Forever mascara, and chapstick. I’m trying become more of a minimalist.
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(I love this photo of her! Isn’t my sister a betty?)
HGH: Tell us what it’s like to be the HypeGirl’s sister. Is she really as awesome as she seems? 
It’s truly amazing being HypeGirl’s sister. It’s like, just when you think she can’t get better…she does, in fact, get better! In all seriousness, I can always count on her for a laugh, good advice, and a shoulder to cry on. I love you sister! (Although, I would like a cameo in the Burn Book, I can’t believe that biatch Bambi got in there before me. So let me know when that’s coming down the pipe!)

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