Road Rules

Hai! So yesterday (Thursday) I took a very last minute flight to Michigan (the D) due to some unexpected news.

The bright side: I am with my seeeester again! (As well as the rest of the fam.) This is great news on account of the fact that I was in a deep depression due to the end of my bachelorette weekend and my sister’s departure from Phoenix (it’s true–she left her flower crown at my house; I cried when I saw it). Side note: when you are in a deep depression about the end of the weekend, it helps if you peep on your friends mid-week.

When I travel and I’m out of my routine, I like to throw alllllll my diet and lifestyle rules out the window. So I must be careful.

I’m so spoiled because I am a member of a great gym in scottsdale and we have and tons of healthy restaurant choices. But when I travel to 8 mile, healthy choices aren’t as easy and available.

When I’m on the road, I usually get my workouts in at Orangetheory fitness. This works for me because they pretty much have locations everywhere, it is a quality workout (although nowhere near as cool and as badass as my local gym, BODI), and I can buy as many classes as I need. The downside: it’s sorta pricey when you buy single classes at $25 a pop.

Next, I know that I’m going to have more temptations when it comes to the noms so I try to be good 50% of the time. Like today, when I met Eminem for lunch, I had salmon for lunch with a nice cucumber and mint salad because I know we’re having pizza later. (Em had his mom’s spaghetti.)

PS: Right now I’m blogging from my phone and I’ve never done this before. My phone says I can’t add pictures because I’m haven’t allowed the WordPress app to access my photo album. Boo, you whore.

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