There’s a new store movin’ in to Scottsdale Fashion Square! (Which, by the way, is a totally great place for a new shop–did you know that Fashion Square is one of the most profitable malls in the whole country?! Read about that here.)

It’s called Six:02 and it is a growing fitness retailer that caters exclusively to women.


What makes them unique is that they carry apparel, shoes, and accessories from all of the top names—Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Reebok, and even some designer brands like Stella McCartney.

This is GREAT news for girls like me (I’m not a lemonhead, nor am I sworn to the swoosh!) For example, I love Under Armour tanks. Most of my sports bras come from Nike, but I don’t prefer the way their bottoms fit on me. I just tried Adidas gear for the first time and I loved this mid-rise tight.

FullSizeRender (38)

And as far as shoes go, I usually go with what’s on sale. If the price is right and I like the way they look and feel, I’m sold! I just got these, from Adidas’s Boost line of running shoes. They are super cushiony and lightweight and I love the neon coral color.

Being fashionable while you’re working on your fitness is all the rage these days. Six:02 makes it super easy to keep up with the fitness trends! I got to preview some of this season’s looks and hear more about the new store this week! Looks like “coral” is in style this summer!

FullSizeRender (40)

On the mannequins: trendy summer looks from Nike, Adidas, and Puma (left to right.)

Also—I just love to support all of these brands as they each generate such inspiring messages for women. (Read about my thoughts on Nike Women’s “#BetterForIt” here.) I also love Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign, which celebrates the motivation, willpower, and ambition that a woman must have to boldly go after what she wants.

Six:02 also has a great mantra, themselves! See below!

FullSizeRender (39)

Also at this sneak-peak event, I met the director of marketing who shared that their name represents many things, like the actual time on the clock that a woman takes to focus on herself each day, a goal for a personal best, and even  dedication to healthy eating—the time it takes to pack a healthy lunch.

I believe that living a healthy life requires making constant and consistent healthy choices. I can totally relate–6:02 literally represents a “go time!” I’m either just starting a morning workout which will prepare me for the entire day, or I’m committing to an evening workout and getting ready to leave the house. AM or PM, I can make the right choice towards my health and fitness.

I even had my own “#Six02Moment,” that day, as we participated in a “ballet box” workout. It was held at a studio I’ve never been to before and was a new type of class for me. Not only was I totally new to the barre, but I haven’t gotten back to my complete gym routine since my hernia occurred. Still, I took it one squat at a time and went at my own pace and had a blast, which reminded me that I love to try new things.

Six:02 plans to open at Fashion Square near the end of June!

Take a look at some of their other stores, pictured below–pretty cool, huh!?

store_opening219 store_opening051

I heard they are going to host a fitness class and a little parTAY once it’s officially open—stay tuned!


PS: Don’t have a store by you? Check them out online, here! Shipping is always free!

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