BBQ Essentials!


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Here we are exactly one year ago today on our closing date!

Ever since, we have really enjoyed entertaining. Here in Phoenix, we’ve had a very cool Spring season and have already enjoyed several super awesome summer barbecues at our place.

In honor of our home-sweet-home anniversary, I wanted to share with you some of my must-haves when hosting a backyard summer party!

First, we love to grill and Adam is SUPER good at it. Therefore, grilling is always part of our “backyard package.”

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We own two propane tanks for our grill. We keep one attached to the grill (DUH…) and the second one *full in our storage closet. That way, if one tank runs out in the middle of our hot dog hootenanny, all it takes to get it going again is the twist of a nozzle and a little switcheroo. (Cuz no one likes a cold sausage.)

*This trick doesn’t work if you forget to fill up your backup propane tank. Plan ahead, people!

Next, we’ve unfortunately had trouble with mosquitoes this year. From my days as a a day camp activities specialist, I know that THIS is the only bug spray that works.

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It has DEET in it which is the active ingredient. Also, I heard it is made of mosquito tears. Fair warning: once you press that button, be prepared to basically bathe in the stuff: it’s got a heavy duty smell and a heavy duty spray.  Mosquitoes pretty much love me (I mean, are you surprised?), so it’s totally worth it.

Third, I seriously can’t even imagine hosting a dinner without great serving platters. I’m currently obsessed with our SAVA glass platters from Crate & Barrel.

IMG_5882 FullSizeRender (36)

They are beautiful, modern, and super useful. We have the long 24″ platter which is great for bruschettas and veggies & dips (pictured here, I just put a little ramekin of guacamole & hummus at either end). We also have the 12″ square platter which is great for just about anything else (pictured here, kabobs)! They both add the perfect touch to the presentation!

And lastly, I love my Go Vino stemless wine “glasses.”


They are made of plastic which is perfect for a backyard occasion and are also reusable which makes them kind to the earth! What’s best about them is they still have a beautiful design (cuz I’m not gonna drink my Kim C out of a red solo cup, k?) with a little thumb spot that makes them easy to hold while you’re nibbling and mingling.

I also love them for other drinks besides wine. Pictured here, margarita!


Love ’em.


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