Custom Stationary

You guys, I’m trying to schedule a meeting with Anne Dias Griffin. My people are calling her people.

Do you know who she is? You can read about her here. Long story short: she’s divorcing her billionaire hedge fund manager husband and wants $1 million per month in child support/alimony payments. She needs that money to fuel her outrageous lifestyle which includes a private jet, exorbitant vacations, nannies, fancy food/dining (maybe she will come to our next tea party), and stationary!

Anyways, I think that we can probably help each other out. First, she will tell me how to get a private jet, a professional staff of assistants, and luxurious vacations. Cool!

And then, I will give her some money-saving tips (in case she settles for half a mil instead). First, she doesn’t need to spend $2,000 per month on stationary!

You might ask, “Who writes hand-written letters anymore!?” Or, if you’re like my friend Bailey, you hand-deliver wedding RSVP cards because you “can’t find a mailbox.”


Look at MY new stationary! I just got it in the mail the other day. (H is for Hype-girl. DUH!) I think that hand-written letters are a lost art. It’s fun to get mail. Leave me a comment with your address (don’t worry, other people won’t see your address because I have to moderate comments) and I will write you a super awesome hand-written hype girl letter!

I always write hand-written thank you notes–and, I am especially needing to write them lately because I’m getting gifts for my wedding showers! (Thanks everyone!)

I have been designing my own note cards for years on Vistaprint! This site has so many customizable designs to choose from, and if you’re amazing at some of those computer programs out there like Photoshop, you can upload your OWN design!

What’s even better is that Vistaprint is totally affordable. They often have coupon codes on their homepage and even some Groupon/Living Social deals. I’m so glad that I’m saving money on my stationary. Now I can finally spend money on other things, like my private jet!


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