Garden, Part 1

My dad has been visiting us for two weeks now. I am so glad he is here! He lives in Chicago and it has been very cold there (like record lows, yuck.) He retired from a very important engineering job (as the inventor of toaster strudel) when I was in high school and then he went to work at Ace Hardware as a fix-it man (he even used to wear suspenders when he went to work there.) Now, he is fully retired and gets to come spend weeks at a time with me, in sunny Arizona!

He is extremely handy around the house. Since he has been here, he’s repaired a broken window, put up a chandelier and another light fixture, put up some curtains, installed some knobs on our bathroom cabinets, and, get this, HE PUT A DOOR WHERE THERE WASN’T ONE BEFORE. I know, he’s amazing. He did this with the help of my fiance, of course!

Last but not least, he built me a little garden box! See?


…And this is him IN the box!


Once it was ready, we headed to Lowe’s to pick out plants! When we walked in, my dad said “I love coming here!” He feels like this place is his place. Here he is looking at seeds.


Here is my dad with his fellow hardware men. He feels like these people are his people.


We had a blast. You’ve gotta go to the garden center at Lowe’s, they have so many beautiful plants and flowers. Here are some of the pretty ones I saw!


Since I cook a lot, I decided that I wanted to plant vegetables and herbs in my garden box. My dad selected three types of tomatoes for me and I picked out some onions, red bell peppers (you’ll see I make so many recipes with these), cilantro, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, and mint!


Look at this one! This plant GROWS cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is me with my new cupcake plant. OH LOOK! In this photo, you’ll see me in my work costume! I wear “galaxy blue” scrubs to work every day. I call this my blueberry suit. Pro: it’s basically like wearing pajamas to work and I never have to struggle to pick out an outfit. Major con: I can’t wear pink on Wednesdays.

Here’s a photo of the full blueberry suit:


You’ll also see my new teal watering can in this photo. Cool! Adam always says that he will just die if we get one more teal-colored thing in our house. Whoopsies! I’ll show you all of our teal items soon.

My favorite part of our trip to Lowe’s was learning about the biodegradable “pots” by Bonnie that my herbs came planted in. They come wrapped in a recyclable plastic wrapper which you remove and recycle (duh), and simply place the whole thing directly into your soil. They are completely biodegradable and make transplanting easier for the gardener and the plant. As time goes on, the pot BECOMES part of the soil. Neat! You can read more about these cool things here.

When we got to the check-out guy, he told us that we had perfect timing as well. They just got a new shipment of plants the day before, which meant my new plants are going from the nursery to my garden box in the span of just two days!


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