I’m always doing fascinating stuff with my #hypecrew.
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HAI!!! TODAY is a GREAT DAY! Here is your HypeGirl Public Hype Announcement: IT IS FREE CUPCAKE DAY AT SPRINKLES CUPCAKES TODAY! They are celebrating their 10th anniversary, and what a sweeeeeeet 10 years it’s been! I am a better person because of Sprinkles. I don’t know what’s cuter–me or the cupcake!? You know Sprinkles, … Continue reading #Sprinkles10

Our Tea Party

One time, I hosted a very fancy tea party for Pearl‘s thir-tea third birthday. It was one of my favorite days of life. We are literally still talking about it. I’ll show you all the cool parts of it so that YOU can throw a super great tea party, too! First you’ll need plenty of time … Continue reading Our Tea Party

Ben & Jerry’s

I had heard that Ben & Jerry’s came out with new flavors—the COOKIE CORE series. Read about them here. Until now, these gems had yet to be unearthed. To me, they were urban legends. Luckily, I stumbled upon Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Locator. When I entered my zip code into the locator, the Wal-mart on … Continue reading Ben & Jerry’s

My Taco Bell

You guys, I finally got a chance to try Taco Bell’s breakfast. (Because #weddingdiet.) Let me set the scene. Friday night, we had a makeup kickball game so that means I was with my babes all night. Naturally, I had a little too much fun (you really should hang out with us.) When I woke … Continue reading My Taco Bell

The HypeDog

One time I went to Firestone for an oil change and I came home with a dog. While waiting for my car to be done at the shop, I just strolled along the strip mall killing time. It was a very good strip mall—there’s a TJ Maxx (A really good TJ Maxx), a Sprouts grocery … Continue reading The HypeDog

Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I was in Chicago for my second bridal shower, given by my aunt and my grandma! Here are the highlights! FLOWERS! It’s not fancy until you have the fanciest flowers and decorations. FIZZ! The best part of this party was the BOOZE! #duh! Isn’t this the cutest? It is a an ice … Continue reading Bridal Shower


If you give a Hype Girl a wedding, she’s gonna want a killer bachelorette party to go with it. If you give a Hype Girl a bachelorette party, she’s gonna want all of her friends to be there. #HypeCrew! If all of her friends go, the bachelorette is gonna want all the gals to wear flower … Continue reading Bachelorette!

April Fool’s ’15

I think somebunny was up to somespring sneaky yesterday. Ok–so yesterday, for my April Fool’s prank, I PEEP’d everywhere. Andddd a surgery that I was scheduled for at the hospital got rescheduled for later in the day, so I left work for a few hours which allowed me to peep on literally everyone while they were at … Continue reading April Fool’s ’15


I have a super important and exciting blogging seminar this weekend. This activity pretty much trumps everything! (I’m pretty much expected to be there–although, I am surprised that they did not ask me to present and give away all of my blogging secrets!) Also, I am headed to Cali with my gal pals next weekend, … Continue reading Fauxchella!

Cronut Emergency

Ok, so here’s the scene. We all woke up Sunday morning with an overwhelming need for a greasy breakfast. (Obviously, because my bachelorette party was Saturday.) The clouds parted above a restaurant called The Herb Box in Old Town Scottsdale. The voice in the sky whispered, “If you (make breakfast), (they) will come.” Side note: I think … Continue reading Cronut Emergency

Birthday Cake Frap

Shiz. I knew something would come along that would ruin my #bachelorettepartydiet. When I heard about this, I pretty much had to get my hands on one as soon as possible. If you live under a rock, Starbucks is celebrating the Frappuccino’s 20th birthday with a limited edition birthday cake flavor. Read more here. So. … Continue reading Birthday Cake Frap

Reese’s Egg

Behold. It is time. This is the Easter candy aisle at Wal-mart. (#nofilter.) When I turned into the aisle, my spiritual path was uncertain. Confused, alone, and feeling hungry for purpose in this life, I was amazed to see a faint glimmer of my guiding light before me, which lead me down a trail of … Continue reading Reese’s Egg

Press Publish

OMGEEEEE. YOU GUYS, I WENT TO A SUPER COOL BLOGGING SEMINAR THIS WEEKEND. IT WAS CALLED PRESS PUBLISH AND IT WAS PUT ON BY WORDPRESS, THE SITE THAT HOSTS MY BLOG. I went into the seminar hoping to get a better understanding of how WordPress works and how I could make my posts/site prettier. I learned … Continue reading Press Publish

Road Trip!

Hai!! HypeGirl here, blogging from the road! We are headed to LA for the Nike Women tour. (Catch up on the details by reading yesterday’s post.)  Me, Pearl, Bailey, and Jennifer Mendoza (we have two Jennifers in our  posse, so this particular one goes by Jen-Men) arrived at my house at 5am this morning! (Well … Continue reading Road Trip!

Soul Cycle


House of Whatever

SHIZ. BUD LIGHT IS IN SOME REAL TROUBLE. DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT? CATCH UP HERE. Basically, they printed the following slogan on some of their beer bottles: “Bud Light–the perfect beer for removing the word “no” from your vocabulary for the night.” Folks are upset that this promotes rape culture. So today, I give Bud … Continue reading House of Whatever

Wedding Week!

Hai! I’m super busy with the wedding weekend in 4 days!! (Obvi!) Please enjoy these figures, diagrams, and charts, detailing what I am up to this week! Figure 1.0: This pie chart shows how Mollie is spending her final days as a single girl. #BeautySleep #WeddingDiet Figure 1.1: The Life Cycle of Mollie’s Face Blemishes. Figure … Continue reading Wedding Week!

Our love story!

One of the games we played at my bridal shower was a blast–the guests wrote our love story! It began with one line, written by my mom. She then passed it to the next guest, who continued the story with another one or two lines. That person then folded down the top of the paper … Continue reading Our love story!

Bambi, Again.

Hai!!! REMEMBER OUR DOG, BAMBI? OHHhHHH–you mean this little baby girl right here!? You can read about her here, here, here, and here too. OKAY, so. Her first name is Bambi (obviously) and her last name is Harding (DUH.) That isn’t her full name though–she’s got a few middle names in between. The reason that … Continue reading Bambi, Again.

Donut Day ’15

It’s that time again. The first Friday in June is: NATIONAL DONUT DAY! FOR US, WE’RE GOING TO CELEBRATE OUR SECOND ANNUAL DONUT SHOP HOP! Last year, we celebrated the first annual Donut Shop Hop in Scottsdale. We hit up Bosa Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Dunkin Donuts (and I hit up the cafeteria at the … Continue reading Donut Day ’15

Pumpkin Pie Party ’15

YOU GUYS. LAST WEEKEND IN ORANGE COUNTY, I PARTICIPATED IN MOLLIE & LAURIE’S 3RD ANNUAL INAUGURAL PUMPKIN PIE PARTY. OKAY OKAY, SO IF YOU’RE THINKING, “ANNUAL INAUGURAL PUMPKIN PIE PARTY!? WHAT’S THAT!?” I shall start from the beginning. This is me and my pal, Laurie, above. You see, we are pumpkin people. Exhibit A. Exhibits B … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Party ’15