If you give a Hype Girl a wedding, she’s gonna want a killer bachelorette party to go with it.

If you give a Hype Girl a bachelorette party, she’s gonna want all of her friends to be there. #HypeCrew!


If all of her friends go, the bachelorette is gonna want all the gals to wear flower crowns.


If the entire #HypeCrew wears flower crowns to the pool, they will be the hottest, coolest, most popular girls there.


If they are the hottest, coolest, and most popular girls at the W Hotel pool, they will attract all of the boys who want to hang out with them.


If all the boys are hanging around, we will want to make them wear man buns.


Those who can’t wear man buns (on account of not having enough hair) will want to try on a flower crown.


And if all of the above happens, you will have the most memorable and amazing bachelorette party ever!

IMG_5186 (1)

…And if you have the most awesome bachelorette party ever, your friends are going to want a mountain of Pita Jungle to soak it all up.

……………………..And if you give Bailey a Saturday Funday, she will want a Sunday Funday to go with it.


PS: If you want to see more pics of the party, search for #hypegirlgetshitched and #hypecrew!

PPS: My sister spent three days at my house. During this time she became obsessed with the red pepper sauce. Really, you have to try it.

PPPS: Don’t let that betch Taylor wear your Tory Burch earrings to go out after the pool. She won’t give them back.

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