Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I was in Chicago for my second bridal shower, given by my aunt and my grandma! Here are the highlights!


FLOWERS! It’s not fancy until you have the fanciest flowers and decorations.


FIZZ! The best part of this party was the BOOZE! #duh! Isn’t this the cutest? It is a an ice cooler for the wine, with tulips in it!! How lovely.


FOOD! You’re probably thinking that I had just the smallest portion of chicken and salad because of my #weddingdiet, but this was not the case. ALL THE FOOD and TREATS at your bridal shower don’t count against your wedding diet. I tried eVeRyThInG.




FAMILY & FRIENDS. I know I said the booze was the best part about this party, but it wasn’t. The best part was all of the people who have been in my life for years getting together to celebrate our upcoming wedding!

Since my shower was held in Chicago and we live in Arizona, everyone was gracious enough to ship all of our gifts directly to our house in the desert. My mom had this great idea to take photos of all the gifts so everyone could see what we’ve received. So, I dressed up in my housewife outfit and hired a photographer (Adam) to follow me around and take photos of me with all the gifts!


And then my mom displayed all of the photos in this tree of sticks.


I’ve never had photos of me in a tree of sticks before, but I’m not really opposed to photos of me anywhere.

In summary, it was a fabulous fête, complete with family, friends, flowers, food, fizz, and FUN! Thanks to everyone who came for celebrating with us!


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