Cronut Emergency

Ok, so here’s the scene. We all woke up Sunday morning with an overwhelming need for a greasy breakfast. (Obviously, because my bachelorette party was Saturday.)

The clouds parted above a restaurant called The Herb Box in Old Town Scottsdale. The voice in the sky whispered, “If you (make breakfast), (they) will come.” Side note: I think that The Herb Box is one of the best eateries in Scottsdale. Incredible atmosphere (you must sit outside) and tasty/trendy noms for a very reasonable price. So we pulled ourselves together, and found ourselves at brunch.

Kate couldn’t decide between the bourbon peach french toast and the brie, kale, and apple omelette. I told her that if she wanted something sweet, we could go to the bakery downstairs for a cronut afterwards. So, she decided on the omelette, I got the Kobe burger, and we were set on cronuts. I wondered in my head if this bakery had macarons too. Bite by delicious bite, we could feel our hangovers slipping away just as the voice above bellowed, “Ease their pain.”

So. After our delicious lunch, we journeyed to the bakery. There were no cronuts and definitely no macarons in sight. In fact, none of the delectables were worthy of our time (trust me, this doesn’t happen often.)



We set out, yet again, to a bakery that I at least knew had macarons. This place doesn’t even deserve a mention though, because THEY WERE CLOSED. Personally, I was really caught off guard with this because I believe that Sundays are one of the best days for coffee and a cronut. Amiright?

At this very moment, a voice whispered from the clouds, “go the distance.” Because of this and because we are not quitters, we continued on our quest.

As soon as we rolled up to our third stop, I asked, “Is this heaven?”


No. It was Whole Foods in Tempe.

They had cronuts.


And boy, did they have macarons. Of which, we bought $18 worth. (Macarons are expensive. These particular ones were $2 each.)

FullSizeRender (29)

This one was green tea flavored. Isn’t it beautiful!? It was tasty too.

Unfortunately, there was not a macaron that was flavored with the taste of success. But if there was, we would’ve eaten it.


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