My Taco Bell

You guys, I finally got a chance to try Taco Bell’s breakfast. (Because #weddingdiet.)

Let me set the scene. Friday night, we had a makeup kickball game so that means I was with my babes all night. Naturally, I had a little too much fun (you really should hang out with us.) When I woke up on Saturday morning, I needed Taco Bell like the air I was breathing.

So we pulled up to our neighborhood TB.

FullSizeRender (6)

(Here it is.)

I’ll make a long story short about my first experience with their breakfast menu, because losing my TB breakfast virginity was NOT the most remarkable part of our visit. I chose the California breakfast crunch wrap (because I used to be a #CaliforniaGirl, so it was perfect for me) as well as the 12 pack of Cinnabon cinna-bites. It was the second recent religious experience I’ve had (see: yesterday.) The crunch wrap tasted like going head-first down a water slide into a pool of unicorn tears. The cinna-bites reminded me of little pleasure balls of exploding stars when I took my first bite. I highly recommend it.

Ok. Enough of that. I discovered that MY Taco Bell has a back building.


See? I thought it burnt down in 1987.

(Because of my night Friday and my breakfast Saturday morning, I skipped my usual Saturday morning workout at my gym, BODI in Scottsdale.) Now, I knew it was wrong to skip BODI, but I needed Taco Bell. And I was in no position to pass up Taco Bell.

I had to get a little closer.

FullSizeRender (7)

It seemed so secretive and mysterious. The shades were drawn, no one was going in, and no one was coming out. What do you think happens in there?

Is it a hideout for all the Mexican oompa-loompas who secretly wrap all the crunch wraps and twist the cinnamon twists? Is it simply one huge silo for mild and fire sauce packets?

IMG_4060 (1)

Bambi said it must be where they raise all the Taco Bell chihuahuas. OH LOOK! There she is! #hypedog! (I’ll tell you more about her later–she’s a whole different topic for another post!)

We were left with so many questions.

PS: If you give a hype girl some Cinnabon cinna-bites she’s gonna want a real Cinnabon to go with it. So, naturally, I headed to the Cinnabon drive-thru shortly after devouring my gourmet breakfast. It was the start to a fantastic day!

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